Today In Music, January 2nd

From the Rockmine Almanac for today (Friday, 2nd January):


1949. Chick Churchill (Ten Years After) born in Mold, Wales.

On Tour

1973. Robert Plant and John Bonham are driving in Bonham’s Bentley to Sheffield for tonight’s Led Zeppelin concert at the City Hall when the car breaks down. The pair are forced to hitch-hike in the pouring rain. Plant catches a cold as a result and the band cancel concerts in Preston on the 3rd and Bradford on the 4th to let him recover.

In Court

2001. Rapper Ol’ Dirty Bastard appears at an arraignment hearing in Queens, New York charged with possession of 20 bags of crack cocaine and a small envelope of marijuana. ODB pleads not guilty but is ordered to be held without bail at the Men’s House Of Detention in Queens until a further court appearance on February 9th. The charges relate to the rapper’s arrest in July 1999 but have been delayed in coming to court because of a court ordered stay at a California rehab facility from which he absconded in October last year. Having fled rehab, the California court issued a warrant for his arrest. That warrant instructs that should he appear before another court he be held without bail regardless of the severity of the charge before him.

In Hospital

1970. Freddie Garrity (Freddie & The Dreamers) suffers head and other injuries when he crashes his Lotus Elan at a roundabout at South Mimms, Hertfordshire. He is taken to Barnet General Hospital where an emergency operaition is carried out. His passenger, 19 year old Ann Osbourne of Grimsby is also hospitalised. Both patients are said to be “comfortable”. Garrity will remain in in Barnet General for ten days or so; Osbourne for half that time.

On Television

2007. The Ellen DeGeneres Show (Syndicated, U.S.A.) 571. Guests include John Mayer, seem above being interviewed by Ellen and performing “Gravity”.


1980. Larry Williams (“Bony Moronie”, “Dizzy Miss Lizzy”) shoots himself at home in Los Angeles, aged 44.


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