Welcome to Rockmine’s blog at WordPress.com. This is my first post, crazy considering I had my first web site up and running on July 18th 1995!

Although I’ve got the Rockmine site, I think it’s probably more fun to run my blog on WordPress where I can be part of a community and interact more with people than just ranting on my own pages.I started Rockmine Archives in 1985. Since then I’ve worked for most national British newspapers, either providing stories or verifying material they’ve already bought and done consultancy work for TV and radio stations around the world.

My main project for most of the last 23 years has been to build a daily almanac of anything related to rock/pop music. While it’s very easy to just steal material from other people’s books and work, I wanted to go back, as close to the event as possible. That’s meant scouring daily newspapers from before I was born and building up an unrivaled cuttings library. I’ll be dipping into that every day for the blog and will pick three or more anniversaries for each day.The other thing I hope to do is share my search for new music.

I’m a child of the late fifties, who grew up with 1970’s progressive rock, blues and singer-songwriters and I’m constantly looking for something to excite and inspire me. So, I’ll be listing what I’m listening to. Not just the obscure oldies that I’m always searching for but the latest sounds from some of the genres that never even existed 10 years ago.

I hope you’ll find it fun and tell me what you’re listening to as well.



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