I Met Amy Macdonald’s Sister!

I know this isn’t the usual posting but forget “Today In Music”. Face it, I have so why can’t you for an hour or two?

This evening was spent in Dundee at a wine tasting which was extremely pleasant. The wine’s were good, the company was good and in amongst the small but select band of tasters was a final-year medical student who looked a lot like Amy Macdonald. She claimed to be her sister and I know she does have an older sister. The young lady I met even had a bank card with the name Macdonald on it, so who am I to assume it was not Amy’s sister.

Thankfully, before she identified who she was I had stated that I loved Amy’s album. It is quite simply the best female vocal album I’ve heard in years and there is not a single bad track on it which has always been a rare event.

I’m a total sucker, since I first rang Steve Hillage’s number and his mother told me he was on tour but to pop by for a cup of tea, to being at Hipgnosis when Robert “Percy” Plant walked in on crutches following the accident in Crete, I have and hope always will get excited by rock and pop music.

I’ll reiterate my slogan, “If religion is the opiate of the people, then rock music is marijuana for the masses!”

I’m going to go and organize dinner now. I’ll be back with the normal blog later.

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