Today In Music, April 22nd

From the Rockmine Almanac for today (April):


1937. Arranger and producer Jack Nitzsche born in Chicago, Illinois.

On Stage

1978. Bob Marley headlines the One Love peace concert in Kingston, Jamaica. In an effort to bring together the island’s different factions he is joined onstage by the Prime Minister, Michael Manley and leader of the opposition, Edward Seaga. All proceeds from the event go to unemployed street kids.

In Court

1988. Mick Jagger is back in the Federal Court in White Plains, New York State for the copyright infringement case brought against him by reggae songwriter Patrick Alley. This time he treats the court to several live performances and plays demos of the song “Just Another Night” in its different stages of completion to show how it had evolved.

At The Barber Shop

1964. Wallace Scowcroft, president of the National Association Of Hairdressers, offers a free haircut to the next group or soloist to top the charts in an attempt to improve the styles sported by bands. He says, “The Rolling Stones are the worst. One of them looks like he’s got a feather duster on his head”.

In Church.

1999. Sinead O’Connor is ordained into the priesthood by a renegade catholic bishop. She is given the name Mother Bernadette Mary in a ceremony at the Marian shrine in Lourdes, France. The ordination is not acknowledged by the Roman Catholic Church which does not allow women into the priesthood. It was carried out by Bishop Michael Cox who recently founded the Latin Tridentine Church, a sect based in Palmar de Troya in Spain.

On Television

2006. Parkinson (ITV, U.K.) – George Michael performs “Everything She Wants”.


1998. Tejano singer Eloy Bernal (61) dies when the bus he is driving overturns in a ditch in Corpus Christie, Texas. It’s thought he had fallen asleep at the wheel. His fatal injuries are caused when he is thrown through the windscreen as the bus hits the ditch. His daughter Rita (23) and son, Edward (27), both members of his band, are injured during the accident.


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