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From the Rockmine Almanac for today (Wednesday 22nd October):


1956. Stiv Bators (Lords Of The New Church) born in Cleveland, Ohio.

In Custody

2000. Former Allman Brothers Band guitarist, Dickey Betts (real name Forrest R. Betts), is arrested at his home in Osprey, Florida, on a misdemeanor domestic violence charge. His wife said he attacked her, pushed her to the floor and hit her. The Saratosa County Sheriff’s Office said when officers arrived at the house, they found Betts intoxicated. He was taken to the county jail, where he was held overnight before being released on $ 10,000 bail.

In Politics

2000. Ex-Runrig front-man Donnie Munro, announces that he has allowed his name to go forward for nomination as a Labour candidate for the Glasgow Anniesland constituency of the Scottish parliament. The 47 year old singer stood for Ross, Skye and Inverness West at the General Election but was beaten by a small margin. Making his announcement, he said that several weeks ago he had been urged by Donald Dewar, Scotland’s First Minister, to stand for the Scottish Parliament. Ironically, with Dewar’s untimely death, a safe Labour seat is up for grabs. It’s this one that Munro hopes to contest.

In Hospital

1979. Shortly after starting their set at Tiffany’s in Edinburgh, After The Fire‘s drummer, Ivor Twidell collapses with a heart attack. He’s rushed to hospital where he makes a full recovery. His place is taken for the rest of the band’s U.K. tour by Nick Brotherhood (ex-Mighty Flyers).

On Television

1995. Taratata (France 4, France) No. 105. Recorded 2 octobre 1995. Solos: Jimmy Cliff; Billy Paul. Duos: Jimmy Cliff & Bernard Lavilliers; Jimmy Cliff & Billy Paul – “Jammin'”


1989. Folk singer Ewan MacColl dies in London.


The Marquee Club Blog is starting to take shape and I think I’ve settled on the format. January to April of 1981 is now complete and includes 4 adverts, 8 reviews, 17 YouTube clips and one image. Hope you’ll see why I didn’t attempt to do complete years to a page!

As usual, the trouble about going through old music papers is I keep finding other, interesting things; news stories that I need to get exact dates for and articles I don’t remember. Also, my biggest drawback at the moment is my office has been given a make-over and I really have to remember to put papers away and not leave them in ever growing piles on my newly painted floor. It may well be the first time in 20 years that I’ve been able to move all round the room.

Talking of finding things, I’ve uncovered some autographed stuff that had been carefully stored, or forgotten, that I’ll get on line in the next day or two. As it’s a bright, sunny day, I’ll get the camera out and take some shots of what I’ve found. I suppose I better get back to work, or at least put the music papers away.



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From the Rockmine Almanac for today (Wednesday 8th October):


1948. Johnny Ramone born John Cummings in Long Island.

On Tour

1993. David Griffith a 27 year old Levellers fan dies after falling from the balcony at the band’s sell-out show at Newcastle’s Mayfair. He was pronounced dead on arrival at the Royal Victoria Infirmary where a post mortem later shows that he died from head injuries.

In Court

1999. Debbie Rowe Jackson files divorce papers in Los Angeles County Superior Court citing irreconcilable differences with husband Michael Jackson. The petition states that the couple have been separated since July 15th this year. A confidential settlement has been agreed regarding property and money. No indication is given as to custody arrangements for the couple’s two children – Michael Joseph Jackson Jnr. (2) and Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson (1).
Jackson met Rowe when she was working as a nurse in the office of his plastic surgeon. They married on November 15th 1996.

In Business

1976. The Sex Pistols sign to EMI Records at a four hour long evening meeting. The signing was rather unexpected and rushed. Polydor Records seemed to be the only label ready to sign them – so much so, they’d actually booked a recording session for tonight. The signing fee is £ 40,000, a considerable amount for an as yet unheard band.

On Television

1995. Taratata (France 4, France) Solos: Tears For Fears, Pascal Obispo. Duos: Tears For Fears and Oletta Adams, Tears For Fears and Julian Lennon – “Stand By Me”


1995. Music journalist Johnny Waller dies in a road accident aged 40.


My real problem today is understanding what’s going on in Elgin. I have considered it to be a real Narnia transposed to the North Easst of Scotland and I have thought it akin to falling down the rabbit hole after its white owner. Today, I may just have got a handle on it: the reality diffusion effect.

In anthropology, diffusion accepts that races and cultures will spread and intermingle. Racial purity and ethnic traits are lost but to a large degree appearances remain the same. So, let’s consider it here. Reality starts with a premise that everyone can believe in and then through intermingling with other ideas becomes something totally different. For example, a date is agreed and then allowed to diffuse. The most recent occurence of this was on September 26. Two people take away the same date and yet even in the space of a week it duffuses into two dates separated by a month.

What the Hell are you talking about? I hear you say. Well, it’s the imaginary memorabilia exhibition on the walls of the wardrobe in Narnia. You really would be surprised at just how capacious it is. However, it doesn’t help that I’m the one holding on to reality.

Today, while I should have been organising something (although I’m not sure what), I’ve ended up dealing with mails from two different owners of the wardrobe both of whom seem to have the outstanding ability to totally contradict themselves. They’ll quite happily say “I didn’t say that” only to be confronted with a previous mail from them which clearly says exactly that. The amazing bit is they can then turn round and say, “No, I may have said that but that wasn’t what I meant.”

Reality diffusion at its finest!

I’ve asked the wardrobe owners to put together a press release with me explaining that after six months we’ve given up on the idea of staging a memorabilia exhibition. It may seem an odd thing to publicize but I feel it’s essential to stop me looking like a total moron. That said, maybe the fact that I’ve spent six months trying to do this just proves that I am one!

One good thing about this is having got my head round the fact that very little of what I see here is real, it’s easy to get totally into the idea of virtual reality. So, although I’m going to tie this up tomorrow, I’m going to forget a real exhibition for now and stage a virtual one. In other words, I’ll just put all the exhibition pieces online and share them with the whole world.


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