The Last Unicorn

There’s no way I can say, “This was the last unicorn” but it’s the only one I’ve ever seen. I stumbled across it about 10 years ago in a Paris flea market. Then, somehow, I lost the image. Oddly, it was a weird feeling to have no proof of what I’d seen. Then, two months ago, while I was working on a computer in France, I suddenly found it.

For some reason, it seemed to be the catalyst to me deciding that I needed to clear myself of the albatross that had hung too heavily around my neck for 32 years. Then and there, I decided to sell all that remains of Rockmine Archives.

So, in the space of two months, I had proof of the last unicorn (or at least a unicorn) and I  finally started to put Rockmine on line for sale.

I certainly didn’t foresee either event.


If you do re-post the image, please credit me and where you found it!

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