Finally, The Rock Mall!

After 21 years on the World Wide Web without a proper shop, I now have one. It will be fully functioning before this weekend is out but in the meantime, for followers of my blog, Facebook and Twitter, you can have a sneak preview.

You’ll find it here. If you like it, tell me; tell your friends!

I’d appreciate comments, ideas on improving it and any other feedback you might have. The idea was to create a shop much like you’d find in any museum or art gallery. The difference here is that you can actually take something home that was part of Rockmine Archives.

On this day in Rock (Taken from The Rockmine Almanac):

1967. Paul McCartney flies to Denver, Colorado for Jane Asher’s birthday party. He takes with him a large diamond (engagement) ring which she later loses.

1969. The cover of today’s Melody Maker (available to buy on the Rock Mall here)


1976. Sid Vicious enters hospital after scoring some smack and a dose of hepatitis.

1978. Japanese multi-millionaire Rocky Aoki visits Liverpool to formally make a £ 2.5 million bid for the city’s world famous Aintree Racecourse. If the bid is successful, he’ll offer The Beatles £ 25 million to stage a concert there. He said, “Yoko Ono is a friend of mine. If they played, I reckon we would gross £ 150 million with records and promotion”.

1980. Still without a name, the band that in less than a fortnight will be known as R.E.M. plays its first ever live gig at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in Athens, Georgia.

1981. Singer Madeline Bell becomes Radio One’s first black DJ when she takes over from Noel Edmunds during his break from the microphone.

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