Clearing the archive

I’m finally doing what I’ve been avoiding for the last goodness how long – and getting stuff out of the archive and onto Rockmine’s  site for sale.

To start with there are a selection of solo press release photos from the 1970s to the 1990s. They’re all originals and were obtained direct from the record companies at the time. Since then, they’ve been lying in boxes and filing cabinets untouched and unloved. Now, it’s a chance for other people to actually enjoy them. You’ll find them here:

There’s 108 to begin with and more will be added this week to be followed by the group photos.

I’ve also unearthed a selection of promo cards, counter displays, posters and window stickers which are online here:

The archive’s collection of music papers is also going up for sale as I digitise them. I’ll be starting with NME from 1968 as it seemed an interesting place to begin. You’ll find a complete list of what’s for sale (Melody Maker, NME, Rolling Stone, Record Mirror, Smash Hits, Sounds, Street Life and many more) in the Music Paper Archive here: The Music Paper Archive

Everything that’s not in red will be available for sale. If you’re looking for specific issues of anything, check it out.


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