Today In Music, January 10th

From the Rockmine Almanac for today (Saturday, 10th January):


1917. Producer Jerry Wexler born in New York City.

On Tour

1986. Sting‘s concert at Newcastle City Hall is abandoned and 2,000 fans are evacuated minutes before the show is due to start after an electricity sub station behind the hall explodes.

Back Home

1965. Adam Faith arrives back in London after abandoning his South African tour which ended in farce on the 8th. He denies reports that the incident was a publicity stunt, claiming that it will cost him £ 30,000 in lost earnings and a further £ 20,000 a year from record sales. He had been told that the issue of racially segregated audiences was policy and not law and said that the secretary to the Minister of the Interior had given him the names of five other British artists who had made it clear they would only perform for mixed audiences. The £ 20,000 bond he surrendered to the Department Of Justice was to cover “breach of contract damages” and he didn’t know if any of it would be returned. Meanwhile the Foreign Secretary, Patrick Gordon Walker, has instructed the British Embassy in Pretoria to provide him with an immediate report on the detention of Faith and his manager.

In The Studio

1956. In the early afternoon, Elvis Presley, Scotty Moore and Bill Black begin their first recording session for RCA Records at the company’s studios at McGavock Street, Nashville. The sessions, arranged by RCA’s Nashville agent, Chet Atkins will end tomorrow. By that time Elvis, Scotty and Bill will have recorded “Heartbreak Hotel” along with four other tracks (“I Got A Woman”, “Money Honey”, “I’m Counting On You” and “I Was The One”). During the sessions, Chet Atkins plays rhythm guitar, Floyd Cramer plays piano and DJ Fontana drums.

On Television

1985. TOP OF THE POPS (BBC-1, U.K.) Presented by Mike Smith and Mike Read. Alison Moyet; Band Aid; Bronski Beat; Elaine Paige and Barbara Dickson; Strawberry Switchblade; Thompson Twins and Z.Z. Top. Here are Strawberry Switchbalde with “Since Yesterday”.


1997. Kenny Pickett lead singer with The Creation dies at home.


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