Today In Music, January 4th

From the Rockmine Almanac for today (Sunday, 4th January):


1956. Bernard Albrecht or Sumner (Joy Division and New Order) born Bernard Dicken in Salford, Manchester.

On Tour

1968. Police are called to an incident at the luxury Opalen Hotel in Gothenburg, Sweden. As a result Jimi Hendrix has his passport seized by police and is taken to the city’s hospital for stitches in his right hand. He will have to report to police for the next two days the group will spend on tour in the country. Criminal charges for damage are dropped by hotel management after they receive adequate financial compensation from the group’s road manager, Gerry Stickles. It’s thought that more than £ 200 worth of damage was done while Hendix and his colleagues partied. In the evening Jimi plays at the Lorensbergs Cirkus with his hand in bandages.

In Custody

1970. Keith Moon, his wife, “Legs” Larry Smith and Moon’s chaffeur, Cornelius Borland attend the opening of a new discotheque at The Red Lion public house in Hatfield, Hertfordshire. As they’re leaving at approx. 10.45 their Bentley is approached by a group of 20 skinheads. Borland moves towards the gang of youths and is soon involved in a scuffle. As Moon starts to drive away from the scene, Borland is knocked to the ground and falls under the wheels of the moving car where he is trapped, receiving fatal injuries. The fire brigade was called to the scene to free Borland’s body.

Moon spends three hours helping police with their inquiry but is not cautioned or charged. Several of the youths are also interviewed resulting in David Paul Holden, 18, appearing in Hatfield Court and an un-named boy appearing at Hatfield Juvenile Court on Monday January 5th, both charged with causing an affray. At their hearings, they are both remanded in custody for a week. On both occasions, Detective Sergeant R.G. Beveridge explains in his statement to the court that a man died during the incident.

In Hospital

1985. Doctors at Sheffield’s Royal hallamshire Hospital take the unfortunate decision to amputate the Def Leppard drummer, Rick Allen‘s arm only days after they had sewn it back on after being severed in a car crash on December 31st. They said that a serious infection had built up where it had been sewn on and they had no alternative but to remove it.

On Television

1979. Rockpalast (WDR, West Germany) Kevin Coyne (WDR Studio-L Köln). Here he is with “Having A Party”.


1986. Phil Lynott dies in the intensive care unit of Salisbury Infirmary eleven days after being transferred from a rehabilitation clinic in Wiltshire. Initially it isn’t clear what caused his death but a post mortem shows that years of drug abuse had finally caught up with him. He suffered kidney, liver and heart failure as a result of blood poisoning and multiple internal abcesses.


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