Today In Music, October 31st

From the Rockmine Almanac for today (Friday 31st October):


1965. Annabel Lwin (Bow Wow Wow) born Myant Myant Aye in Rangoon, Burma.

In Custody

1964. Ray Charles is arrested by U.S. Customs officials when he arrives at Boston Airport from Canada. He’s charged with possession of a quantity of marijuana, heroin and a hypodermic syringe.

In Court

1967. Brian Jones is granted bail after an application to the High Court in London. Mr. Justice Donaldson hears evidence in his private chambers from two psychiatrists. He releases Jones on his own recognisance of £ 250 and two sureties of £ 250 each.

In Hospital

1999. Johnny Cash leaves Nashville’s Baptist Hospital after two weeks treatment for pneumonia. It’s the 67 year old Country legend’s third bout of the illness in the last two years. He suffers from Shy-Drager Syndrome, a Parkinson’s Disease like ailment, which makes him more susceptible to pneumonia.

On Television

1983. Rockpalast (WDR, Germany) Public Image Ltd. (Zeche Bochum). Here they are with “Public Image”


2001. Jazz pianist, Bill Le Sage (William A. Le Sage) dies in London from lung cancer aged 72. He played with a wide variety of people over the years from The John Dankworth Seven to Charlie Watts’s Big Band.


Back to normal today. Yesterday’s blog was a bit crazy. I know it was there before but the tag cloud I created was insanely big. I was adding tags late into the night and my brain gave up. Took me another half hour this morning to get the rest of them online. Never again!

I’d like to reiterate that I’d welcome comments. Real feedback, telling me what you think of the almanac sample. Not just what, if anything I should add (or remove) but how useful you feel it is, how accessible, whether the layout works and if the format’s ok.

There are obviously media professionals who browse the blog, so I’d appreciate a candid view. If you don’t want your comments published, just say. That goes for everyone. I do want to hear from you but realise you might not want your comments made public for whatever reason. Don’t let that stop you. You can always mail me:


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