Today In Music, September 15th

From the Rockmine Almanac for today (Monday 15th September):


1941. Les Braid (The Swinging Blue Jeans) born in Liverpool, England.

On Stage

1973. David Essex, the first man to play Jesus Christ onstage in London, leaves the musical “Godspell” tonight after almost two years, having re-enacted the crucifixion 750 times. The 26 year old singer’s current single, “Rock On”, has just climbed to number three in the charts. He’ll also soon be starring in the film, “That’ll Be The Day”

In Custody

1987. Three owners of the Eastern Bloc record shop in Manchester are charged under the obscene publications act after police seize all copies of the Flux Of Pink Indians album, “The Fucking Cunts Treat Us Like Pricks” from the shop. The album has recently been re-released and suffered similar seizures in 1984 when it was first available.

On The Street

1993. The James Brown Soul Centre Of The Universe Bridge is officially opened in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Fans of the soul singer launched a campaign on his behalf when the town announced a competition to find a name for the bridge. The “Godfather Of Soul” was on hand to declare the crossing open with the words, “Papa’s gotta brand new bridge”

His appearance in a cowboy hat did little to pacify local residents who had opposed the plan. They made their feelings known by spraying the bridge with racist graffiti the night before the opening. The comments were removed before Brown’s arrival.

On Television

1979. American Bandstand (ABC, U.S.A.) 2385. The Beach Boys – “Sumahama” & “Lady Linda”. 7m 07s.


1980. Jazz pianist Bill Evans dies of a bleeding ulcer in New York aged 51.


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