Richard Wright 1945 – 2008

I longed for another Pink Floyd album. I knew there was little likelihood of getting one but I nurtured a small hope that sometime in the future Dave, Nick and Rick as we used to refer to them would one again go into the studio and deliver a collection of songs. Maybe I’m being selfish but today’s a really bad day.

We’re all meant to know where we were when John Lennon was shot; remember how we heard the news. I do but neither The Beatles, nor John’s solo work is something that I listen to on a regular basis. That’s far from true with Pink Floyd.

As a kid, I got stoned to Echoes and fell deeply in love with a music that stays with me to this day. My best memory of ANY gig is Knebworth 1975 when the band, at the peak of its power played Dark Side Of The Moon and Animals and encored with Echoes. The Spitfire that flew overhead, the plane exploding into the stage and even “One Of Those days In England” that was warm and full of hope didn’t get close to the effect of the first few notes of Echoes drifting over a totally black night. Fires flickered around the edges of the festival field but all that could be seen were a few power lights on the amps on stage.

33 years on and I want to be back there. I know you can never go back but it doesn’t quell the desire. The soundtrack to my life went quiet today. A quiet unassuming man passed and with his passing took a bit of our lives away too.

Forget the fact that the financial markets are in turmoil; that today was the worst day since the Great Depression on the stock markets. A man who was loved by family, friends and fans died today and as a result we’re all poorer.

Overhead the albatross 
Hangs motionless upon the air 
And deep beneath the rolling waves 
In labyrinths of coral caves 
An echo of a distant time 
Comes willowing across the sand 
And everything is green and submarine.

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