Today In Music, September 3rd

From the Rockmine Almanac for today (Wednesday 3rd September):


1982. Dennis Wilson‘s girlfriend Shawn Love (illegitimate daughter of his cousin Mike Love) gives birth to his son, Gage.

Not In Space

2002. A spokesman for the Russian Space Agency today announced that Lance Bass, singer with ‘N Sync, has been asked to leave the Star City cosmonaut complex outside Moscow where he has been training for a trip to the international space station. Despite at least one extension to the deadline for receipt of sponsorship money, the $ 20 million, payable in advance, had still not been received. Had the trip gone as planned, Bass would, at 23 years old, have been the youngest person ever in space and only the third paying passenger on a Russian flight to the space station.

In Custody

1999. Nikki Sixx is arrested after a Motley Crue show in Raleigh, North Carolina and charged on four counts – felony riot plus misdemeanour offences of assault, disorderly conduct and inciting a riot. All the charges relate to a concert in Greensboro in October 1997 when Sixx and Tommy Lee hurled racist abuse at a security guard and encouraged the crowd to attack him. Lee was not arrested as he didn’t play at tonight’s show. Unless he turns himself in, Sheriff B.J. Barnes has said he will post Lee on a national wanted list. If that happens, the drummer could be arrested anywhere in the U.S. and forcibly returned to Greensboro. Sixx is released early the following morning after posting a $ 7,500 bond.

If the criminal charges weren’t enough, both Crue members have a civil trial to look forward to in November.

In Court

1970. In a list of petitions published at the Divorce Court in London today, it’s revealed that both Marianne Faithfull (23) and her husband, John Dunbar (26), have filed for divorce. The couple, who married in 1965, have been separated for the past 18 months. Marianne has simply filed for divorce but in a cross plea, Dunbar has named Mick Jagger. The cases are due to be heard in October.

On Television

1979. Rockpalast (WDR, West Germany) Martin Kolbe and Ralf Illenberger performing the “Ball In Play” from their first album, “Waves” (WDR Studio-L Köln). 6m 12s.


1970. Al “Blind Owl” Wilson (Canned Heat) is found dead in Bob Hite‘s back garden having consumed a bottle of pills.


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