Today In Music, August 31st

From the Rockmine Almanac for today (Sunday 31st August):


1947. Pete Gage (Vinegar Joe) born.

On Tour

1991. Guns N’ Roses and support band Skid Row play London’s Wembley Stadium. Both bands were allowed to play after receiving written instructions banning them from swearing or leaving the stage at any time during their performances. At one point, Skid Row read out their letter from Brent Council instructing them not to perform the song, “Get The Fuck Out”. This prompts the crowd to chant the title repeatedly before the band do play it. Not to be outdone, Axl Rose lambasts the media for their reaction to the band and their poster campaign – “Guns N’ Fucking Roses, Wembley Fucking Stadium, Sold Fucking Out”. Brent council later say the bands would never have been allowed to play had they not given written undertakings to abide by their instructions. While the council refuse to say if they will now ban both groups, they do admit it will have an effect on license applications.

In Court

1989. Shane McGowan appears at Marylebone Magistrates Court charged with possession of cannabis. He pleads guilty and is fined £ 150. The court is told that the offence came to light when he was arrested on suspicion of being drunk and disorderly.

On The Radio

1990. The Cure try launching their own pirate radio station, Cure 94.8. Broadcasting to the London area. The station runs into a mass of technical problems, eventually starting more than three hours late with Robert Smith at the microphone. They soon give up after discovering that their signal is being swamped by BBC Radio 2 and shelve plans for any future broadcasts.

On Television

1990. The Word (Channel 4, U.K.) Guests include LL Cool J and Deee-lite. Musical guests: MC Tunes and 808 State; Movement 98 featuring Carol Thompson. Here’s MC Tunes vs 808 State with “Tune Splits The Atom”. 4m 50s.


1947. Bluesman Son Bonds dies in Dyersburg, Tennessee from an accidental gunshot wound.


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