Today In Music, August 27th

From the Rockmine Almanac for today (Wednesday 27th August):


1954. Daniel Bressanutti (Front 242) born in Brussels, Belgium.

On Tour

1966. Pop duo Chad & Jeremy disappear after the first performance of a five day engagement at the Minnesota State Fair, After their first afternoon show, they returned to their hotel with their instruments and shortly after disappeared. They were due to have played another three shows today and every day until August 41st. Officials say no clue was given as to their reason for leaving. The duo’s American agent is arranging for Bobby Vee to replace them as star of the show.

In Custody

1989. Izzy Stradlin is arrested in Phoenix, Arizona for urinating in the galley of an airplane after he found the toilets were engaged.

In Scotland

1970. Derek McEwen, the missing promoter of the Yorkshire Pop, Blues & Jazz Festival reappears after vanishing on August 15th. He explains that he was in a confused state and had wandered around the moors for 15 hours before making his way to Scotland to stay with friends.

On Television

1981. (BBC-1, U.K.) Introduced by Richard Skinner. Aneka; Cliff Richard; Genesis; Legs & Co / ELO; The Nolans; The Rolling Stones; Soft Cell; Startrax; Ultravox. Today’s clip is Genesis with “Abacab”. 3m 45s.


1967. Brian Epstein dies of an overdose at his flat at 24 Chapel Street, Belgravia, London. Simon Napier Bell will later claim in his book, “You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me”, that Epstein was depressed at being unable to seduce him and committed suicide.


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