Today In Music, August 13th

From the Rockmine Almanac for today (Wednesday 13th August):


1921. R&B guitarist Jimmy McCracklin born James David Walker in St. Louis, Missouri.

On Tour

1992. Edinburgh’s senior Jewish cleric, Rabbi Shalom Shapira, calls on organisers of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe to ban the rapping rabbi, MC Rebbe. His latest show at the Fringe depicts God as a drug-dealer called Hash M. Rabbi Shapira said, “His show will offend anyone who has religious beliefs”. It’s not the first time Rebbe has offended the religious community. He’s banned from some theatres in England for blaspheming and was recently been booed off stage for simulating sex with a bagel.

In Custody

1964. The Isle Of Man’s only police dog has a nervous breakdown on duty helping control 7,000 Rolling Stones fans. The screaming upsets the dog so much, it starts to snarl at the fans. It is relieved of duty for several days.

In Court

1999. Vince Neil (Motley Crue) files a lawsuit against the Rocketdyne Corporation. The singer is seeking undisclosed damages from the company over the death of his 4 year old daughter, Skyler. The suit claims that Rocketdyne dumped toxic substances on land next to the family’s home which led to Sklyer’s liver cancer. A similar class action lawsuit has already been filed against the corporation on behalf of more than 200 people. That suit is based on increased levels of cancer at the plant and in the surrounding areas. Medical expenses for Skyler’s treatment are thought to be $ 2 million.

On Television

1977. Musikladen (ZDF, Germany) 34. Mr. Walkie Talkie; Luv’; Etta Cameron; Laurent Voulzy; Showaddywaddy; Bonnie Tyler; Dana; Amanda Lear; Heart; Baccara; Tina Charles; Veronica Unlimited. Here are the dreadful Mr. Walkie Talkie with, “Be My Boogie Woogie Baby”. 1m 55s. Even the naked go-go dancers don’t make this worth watching. Sorry, I had real trouble finding anything from today!


1993. Nicolette Powell, wife of Georgie Fame, walks up to two teenage girls, smiling. She hands them an envelope and says, “Excuse me, here’s my address, can you raise the alarm please?”. Seconds later she dives 245 feet to her death from the Clifton Suspension Bridge near Bristol.


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