Today In Music, August 11th

From the Rockmine Almanac for today (Monday 11th August):


1942. Mike Hugg (Manfred Mann) born in Andover, Hampshire.

On Tour

1966. The Beatles arrive in Boston en route for Chicago, the first date of their US tour. A crowd of 500 teenagers is at the airport to greet them but didn’t see anything as they changed airplanes under close security.

Meanwhile, Representative Charles Iannello (Democrat), a member of the Massachusetts State House Of Representatives, tries to introduce a petition revoking The Beatles permit to play Boston during the tour. He asks the House, “Who are these four creeps to put themselves above the High and Almighty? Do you think they’ll do anything for the morals of our teenagers? We’ve got enough problems”. The motion is dismissed.

Later in the day, at a press conference in Chicago, John Lennon apologises for his “Beatles are more popular than Jesus Christ” remark. After the statement, Tommy Charles, the disc jockey from Birmingham, Alabama, who started the Beatles ban, said his station accepted the apology and was cancelling a planned record burning. The South African Broadcasting Corporation said it would continue its ban, although Dr. Piet Meyer, chairman of the board of governers, said they would consider the apology.

In Custody

1959. The four male members of The Platters are arrested and charged with lewdness and aiding and abetting prostitution after being found in a Cincinnati hotel with semi-naked women. They are later aquitted.

In Court

1978. P.J. Proby is cleared of causing actual bodily harm to his wife, when he appears at Hemel Hempstead Magistrate’s Court. The charge stemmed from an incident at the couple’s home in Northchurch, Herts., on April 29th when his wife alleged he shot her with an air pistol. The 39 year old pop singer was said to have committed the offence only a few days after being sacked from the starring role in the play, “Elvis”. Proby, appearing under his real name of James Marcus Smith, said that his wife had been “paralytic drunk” and had made up the story out of spite after he had discovered she was having an affair with a married man in Blackpool. When the verdict was announced, a handfull of female fans in the court started cheering.

On Television

2000. Late Show with David Letterman. (CBS, U.S.A.) Musical guests: The Eels with “Flyswatter”. 4m 12s.


1984. Bluesman Percy Mayfield dies of a heart attack in Los Angeles, aged 64.

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