Today In Music, July 28th

From the Rockmine Almanac for today (Monday 28th July):


1949. Steve Peregrine Took (Tyrannosaurus Rex) born in London, England.

On Tour

2002. Rapper Ja Rule (real name Jeffrey Atkins), who’s appearing at Reggae Sumfest in Jamaica’s Montego Bay, is served with a summons to appear in court on the island tomorrow to answer a charge of using a profanity during last year’s Sumfest.

In Ecology!

1958. It’s official – listening to rock and roll on your car radio costs you more money. The findings of the Esso Research Center published today in “Billboard” show that the beat of the music causes drivers to fluctuate their speed subconsciously and thereby waste fuel.

In Court

1966. Donovan (real name Donovan Philip Leitch) is fined £ 250 at Marylebone Magistrate’s Court after pleading guilty to possessing cannabis resin at his flat in Alexander Court on June 10th. His flat-mate, David John Mills, described as a musical director is fined the same amount on the same charge. Although the two men had attempted to stop police entering and had then jumped on their backs, no charges of assault were raised against them. Also in court was 20 year old Doreen Febienne Samuel who was found by police in a bedroom. She was put on 12 months probation. Donovan’s business manager, Ashley Cozac, appeared in court earlier in the day on charges of possessing cannabis and amphetamines. He was fined £ 100 on the first charge and £ 50 on the second.

In Hospital

1986. Keith Richards‘ wife Patti Hansen gives birth to a daughter, Alexandra Nicole Richards, at New York’s Lennox Hill Hospital. The 9lb 3oz girl is Keith’s fourth child and his second with Patti.

On Television

1979. American Bandstand (ABC, U.S.A.) 2378. Maxine Nightingale – “Lead Me On”. 2m 58s.


1996. Margie Ganser (The Shangri-Las) dies from breast cancer aged 48.


At long last, Rockmine has a new front page! The previous one didn’t give nearly enough information and the main page had way too much. Hopefully this is a viable compromise. You wouldn’t believe how many pages needed replacing in order to give every entrance point the same look. If you find one that hasn’t been changed – please let me know.

Anyway, the new front page is here. The next problem I have is updating all the pages off that. The Beatles and Stones pages haven’t been touched for years and EVERYTHING needs a make-over. The new front page does now lead directly to the John Lennon Autograph, The Doors Tapes, Elton John’s Sotheby’s Catalogues and the Rock Film Posters – all of which are for sale. Needless to say, there’s also a link to Rockmine’s Garage Sale, although nothing new has been added since yesterday.


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