Today In Music, July 27th

From the Rockmine Almanac for today (Sunday 27th July):


1944. Bobby Gentry born Bobby Lee Street in Chickasaw County, Mississippi.

On Tour

1969. Scott Walker is playing Blackpool’s ABC Theatre. Unfortunately, his audience aren’t happy. More than 200 demand their money back complaining that the singer was confused and sang one song twice. His publicist, Mr Chris Williams, later says that the confusion arose after taking tablets for headaches he has been suffering from since his car accident two weeks ago. The publicist goes on to say that Walker was “not aware of any discontent among his audience” but he will not be undertaking any other bookings for the immediate future.

In Custody

1997. Two Primal Scream roadies are arrested and charged with possessing marijuana and an “unidentified white powder” at the Lollipop Festival in Sweden. Initial press reports claimed that it was two members of the band who were arrested but the only band member to be searched was Throb who dropped his trousers to prove he wasn’t hiding anything. The roadies are released the next morning after paying a £ 500 deposit toward possible fines.

In Hospital

1986. Ella Fitzgerald collapses after a concert in Lewiston, New York. The 68 year old singer is taken to the Niagra Falls Medical Centre where an initial examination indicates the singer has congestive heart failure. Further tests will be carried out over the next feew days to see if she really did have a heart attack. Her manager, Pete Cavello, says she suffers from respiratory problems.

On Television

1999. Late Show With David Letterman (CBS, U.S.A.) Show #1260. Musical guests: Los Lobos with “This Time”. 4m 19s.


1974. Bluesman Lightnin’ Slim (born Otis Hicks) dies from a stomach tumour in Pontiac, Michigan aged 61.


It’s not unusual for the blog to be up late morning. In some ways it’s never seemed to matter. After all, the Eastern seaboard of North America is 5 hours behind. A mid-day publishing time in the U.K. is 7 a.m. Eastern and 5 a.m. Pacific. Unfortunately it’s now nearly 16.00 GMT and here I am, adding my babble.

I know everyone has off days but this has turned into an off week with a complete absence of anything on Friday. I did manage to resurrect my eBay “Garage Sale” on Friday, getting 28 items online but that’s where it stopped. I thought it would be good to clear out some of the original 1970’s Dragon’s World/Dragon’s Dream/Paper Tiger art cards I’ve had taking up crate space for decades. No sooner had I put up a set of wonderful Bob Carlos Clarke cards than eight of them were bought. No big deal but it does mean I need to put more stuff online! Maybe I should take time for a blatant plug here and say if you’re a fan of Bob Carlos Clarke’s photography or the science fantasy art of Roger Dean, Patrick Woodroffe or Bruce Pennington then point your browser at the Rockmine Garage Sale.

The other big issue for me at the moment is getting a new front page for Rockmine’s site. It’s been really hard to find a simple and clear way of navigating round everything. At long last I think I’ve got it but I’m getting bogged down by the fact I can’t quite match the drop shadow section titles I’ve got on the old version. Seems crazy to get stuck on something so simple, so I think I’ll get the page up and add the images later when I’ve sorted the problem. Let’s see if I can get it done for tomorrow. Oh, and maybe Friday’s blog up as well!


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