Today In Music, July 26th

From the Rockmine Almanac for today (Saturday 26th July):


1961. Gary Cherone (Extreme) born in Malden, Massachusetts.

On Tour

1977. Robert Plant is in New Orleans preparing for Led Zeppelin‘s show on the 30th when he is told that his five year old son Karac has died from a virus at home in England. He flies back with John Bonham and the band cancel the rest of their U.S. tour.

On The Internet

2002. The Record Industry Association of America’s web site, suffers a denial-of-service attack which lasts until the morning of July 29th. The attack, which mimics thousands of users sucking up the site’s bandwidth, rendered it unviewable for the duration. Although a spokesman said they would not speculate about the reason for the attack, experts believe that it’s a response to the RIAA’s endorsement yesterday of a bill allowing copyright holders to actively block or disrupt file trading networks.

In Court

1996. Leshaun Williams drops her lawsuit against LL Cool J for unlawful dismissal and accepts an undisclosed sum as settlement. She also abandons her plans to stage a protest outside the star’s forthcoming Radio City Music Hall date. The suit had been filed with assistance from the Equal Opportunities Commission after Williams was told she was too fat to star in one of Cool J’s videos.

On Television

1969. The Johnny Cash Show (ABC, U.S.A.) 7. Guests include Marty Robbins. Here he is with “El Paso”. 4m 04s.


1990. Brent Mydland (The Grateful Dead) dies from an overdose of cocaine and morphine outside his home in Lafayette, California aged 38.


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