Today In Music, July 15th

From the Rockmine Almanac for today (Tuesday 15th July):


1947. Roky Erickson (Thirteenth Floor Elevators) born Roger Erkynard Erickson in Dallas, Texas.

On Stage

1973. At the end of The Kinks concert at London’s White City, Ray Davies announces he’s quitting the music biz with the words, “Goodbye for ever”. Davies has been in an unstable condition following the recent break-up of his 8 year marriage to wife, Rasa. Earlier in the month he was taken to the Whittington Hospital in Highgate to have his stomach pumped following a suspected overdose of sleeping pills.

In Council Chambers

1966. The Greater London Council Licensing Committee turns down the application for renewal of a music license for the London Hospital Tavern in Whitechapel Road, Tower Hamlets, after complaints from the adjoining hospital. The committee hears from Mr. Anthony Hills of the London Hospital that there were 100 seriously ill patients whose recoveries were being hindered by the sound of loud pop music. The “crushing beat of banjos and drums” is heard between 9 and 11 p.m. when hospital staff are trying to settle patients for the night. Miss June Swann, the hospital’s Night Superintendent, said that recently they had to contend with the the sound of a “harsh, coarse female singer’s voice”. Mr. Gerald Tressider, consultant surgeon, said there were times when “even sedation had not been adequate” to deal with the noise. He recounted the tale of one patient so upset by the noise that it needed three porters to hold him down prior to being moved to a quieter ward.

In Hospital

1998. Joey Kramer (Aerosmith) suffers burns to his arm, hand and leg as his Ferrari convertible explodes into flames when he is filling up at a petrol station near Scituate, south of his hometown of Boston. The car is destroyed but Kramer escapes serious injury. He is taken to an emergency room in a nearby hospital and is released after treatment for second degree burns. Several days later, Aerosmith announce that they are postponing 13 dates of their tour due to start on August 14. The tour will now begin on September 9th.

On Television

1988. The Last Resort with Jonathan Ross (Channel 4, U.K.) Guests include Kim Wilde. Musical Guest: Kevin Rowland – The More I See You.


2007. Kelly Johnson, guitarist and vocalist with Girlschool dies from cancer of the spine.


At long last it’s done! There’s now one page on Rockmine with all of the video clips that I’ve included in the blog – apart from the dozen or so that have disappeared. That’s 111 clips! It’s searchable by artist and genre and will be by programme very soon. Hopefully you’ll find this a really useful resource and an enjoyable place to spend some time. Here’s the link for it. 


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