Today In Music, July 10th

From the Rockmine Almanac for today (Thursday 10th July):


1949. Ronnie James Dio (ElfRainbow, Dio) born Ronald Padavona in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

In Custody

1997. Liam Gallagher sets off for a quiet evening seeing labelmates Idha at London’s Ronnie Scott’s Club but things soon turn sour. Driving to the club, his Mercedes cuts up a cyclist approaching a junction. The cyclist alleges that he looked across at the car to see Liam make an obscene gesture at him. Some words are exchanged and Liam leans from the car and grabs hold of the cyclist who is dragged along with the car. The cyclist, described by police as a 33 year old man from West London struggles free and cycles away.

At the junction with St. Pancras Way, Liam allegedly gets out of the car goes up to the man and says something. He then grabs the cyclist’s sun glasses and throws them to the ground. Liam then allegedly picks them up and throws them to the ground again before walking back to the car and driving off. A spokesman for Scotland Yard later said Kentish Town Police were investigating an incident and had formally recorded an allegation of criminal damage to a pair of sunglasses worth approximately £ 60. After admitting criminal damage, Liam receives a formal police caution on July 24th.

After the gig, Liam is involved in a scuffle at Ronnie Scott’s with Hurricane #1‘s lead singer (and ex-boxer) Alex Lowe. The incident stems from comments Lowe made about Oasis in an NME interview last month. An Oasis’ spokesman later denied that the two men had come to blows and insisted it was merely “high jinks”.

In Court

2000. Kid Rock‘s former manager, Stephen Hutton, files a federal lawsuit against the star in a New York District Court. The suit, for breach of contract and unjust enrichment, seeks $ 4 million damages from the rap-rocker and his company, Top Dog Records Inc. Hutton claims that Rock (real name Robert J. Ritchie) failed to pay management commissions and terminated his contract without warning on June 28. The latter action breaches a contract signed in 1996.

In Hospital

1981. Jerry Lee Lewis is reported in a critical condition after 5 and a half hours of surgery to remove abscesses which developed after an operation on his stomach on June 30th. Doctors say the 45 year old rocker has only a 50-50 chance of survival.

On Television

1978. Disco (ZDF, West Germany) 92. Dee D. Jackson – Automatic lover; Lena Valaitis – Oh Cavallo; Sunrise – Call on me; Francis Goya – Argentina; Smokie – Oh Carol; Sailor – All I need is a girl; Mireille Mathieu – Santa Maria; Cliff Richard – Please remember me. Here are Sunrise.


1979. Arthur Fiedler, conductor with The Boston Pops Orchestra dies aged 84. He had been conductor from 1930 until today.


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