Today In Music, July 8th

From the Rockmine Almanac for today (Tuesday 8th July):


1961. Andy Fletcher (Depeche Mode) born in Basildon, Essex.

On Tour

1999. Tonight’s Celine Dion concert at Edinburgh’s Murrayfield Stadium is slated in the press after it’s revealed that 12 children from the city who took part in the concert had to beg for free passes to the show.

Although it’s thought that the singer, who visited the children’s dressing room and signed autographs for them, knew nothing about it, the promoter insisted parents had to pay £ 35 each if they wanted to see the children on stage. Those who refused were only allowed to hear the performance.

In Custody

1986. Boy George‘s brother, Kevin O’Dowd, and pop singer Marilyn are arrested and charged after a series of morning raids by Paddington Green drugs squad officers. Kevin O’Dowd is charged, along with Anna Tinmaung, Steven Luben and Diane Fiener, with conspiring to supply Boy George with heroin. Marilyn is charged with unlawful possession of heroin.

Culture Club drummer, John Moss is arrested but released without charge after questioning. Another of George’s friends, the flamboyant nightclub owner, Phil Sallon, is also taken to Paddington Green but later released without charge. The whereabouts of Boy George are unknown. It’s thought he’s travelling to New York or is already there. The five who have been charged will appear in Marylebone Magistrates’ Court tomorrow.

In Court

1974. Sonny & Cher‘s divorce wrangles, which are continuing in the courtroom and the full glare of the media, take a bizzare turn today. Sonny is recording in the studio in town when Cher moves back into the couple’s Holmby Hills mansion.

Sonny has already told the court that her return would interfere with his work and day to day living but this isn’t Cher coming back to share. She moves in with daughter Chastity, a secretary, a bodyguard and her new boyfriend, David Geffen. Sonny gives in and takes up residence at The Beverly Hills Hotel. As for the divorce? It won’t be finalised until June 26th next year!

On Television

1992. Late Night With David Letterman (CBS, U.S.A.) Show #1655. Musical guest: Lindsey Buckingham with “Countdown”.


1991. Orchestra leader Geoff Love (Manuel And His Music Of The Mountains) dies aged 73.


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