Today In Music, July 6th

From the Rockmine Almanac for today (Sunday 6th July):


1939. Jet Harris (The Shadows) born Terence Hawkins in London, England.

On Stage

1957. The Quarrymen perform during the afternoon on the flat-bed trailer of a lorry at Woolton Parish Church garden fete. In the evening the band (minus drummer Colin Hanton) plays for the dance at the church hall across the road. Sometime before the evening gig, lead singer and guitarist, John Lennon is approached by a tubby 15 year-old schoolboy that endears himself by playing “Twenty Flight Rock”. Other band members who’re setting up their gear join in. Lennon decides this kid might be worth having in his band. His name – Paul McCartney. This meeting, more than any other, will change the course of music history and popular culture for ever.

Under The Hammer

1983. The only copy of Jean Michel Jarre‘s new album, “Music For Supermarkets”, is auctioned for 69,000 Francs (about £ 7,000) at the Hotel Drout in Paris. It was written as the soundtrack to a supermarket art exhibition by Georges Orrimbe which opened at the Jean-Claude Riedel Gallery in Paris on June 2nd this year. The master tapes and all demos were destroyed last night. Jarre arrived at the auction with the solitary copy of the album and the pressing plates. Before the bidding, the album was played. Copies of a bootleg includingAfter the hammer fell, he took a welder’s torch and destroyed the plates. The album was then taken to Radio Luxembourg’s studios and broadcast. During an interview before it was played, Jarre suggested people tape the broadcast. He said his actions were a protest against the music industry. Apert from that, much of the album is unheard, three tracks were re-worked and used in other projects. Surprisingly, Jarre would later receive the Design & Art Directors Association Award for most outstanding record promotion for this release.

I’ve found a torrent download for the Radio Luxembourg broadcast here. I’ve downloaded it and tried it and it seems to play perfectly. although the site obviously wants you to pay for a fast download, the free slow version only took about 8 minutes. The quality isn’t great though.

A quick search of YouTube uncovered a 12 second clip of the auction itself. Here it is.

In Custody

1997. Sponge lead singer Vinnie Dombroski (real name Mark Paul Dombroski) is arrested in Tulsa, Oklahoma after using foul language on stage. All the bands playing this date on the R.O.A.R. tour were warned that they would be fined $ 500 for every “F” word they used. Despite its near continual use during the day, only the Sponge vocalist is arrested. He is released later in the evening after paying $ 5,700 in bail bond and fines.

On Television

1965. Shindig (ABC, U.S.A.) Guests include: Marianne Faithfull; The Kinks; Sonny & Cher.


1979. Producer and songwriter Van McCoy dies in a New Jersey hospital after suffering two heart attacks. Despite treatement, he never regained consciousness.


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