Today In Music, July 5th

From the Rockmine Almanac for today (Saturday 5th July):


1950. Andy Ellison (John’s Children) born in Leatherhead, Surrey.

On Tour

1966. President Ferdinand Marcos of The Philipines makes an official statement expressing regret at the treatment received by The Beatles when they left Manila earlier today. The moptops were shoved, kicked, spat at and told to “go to Hell” by Philipinos incensed at the group’s treatment of their president’s wife. They had been expected to visit the Presidential Palace between concerts but were unaware of any arrangements. At the airport, they were given no assistance with their luggage and escalators were turned off. Their flight was then delayed by 45 minutes while Brian Epstein was forced to settle a £ 6,600 tax bill for the two concerts. All this shortly after he had been knocked to the ground and kicked in a scuffle.

In Custody

1975. Keith Richards and Ron Wood are arrested along with aide Fred Sessler by the Arkansas Highway Patrol. Keith is questioned about carrying a concealed weapon, his swiss-army knife. He and Ron (who’s done nothing) are released on bail of $ 162. Sessler, unfortunately, is found to be in possession of a quantity of cocaine. He is released on bail of $ 5,000.

In Hospital

1980. Bad Manners‘ gig at the Electric Ballroom in London’s Camden turns nasty. At one point a member of the audience jumps onstage and tries to stab Douglas Trendle (a.k.a. Buster Bloodvessel). Before he has a chance to strike, Louis “Alphonso” Cook kicks him off the stage. Unfortunately, before the gig is over, a member of the audience is stabbed in the kidneys.

On Television

1975. Disco (ZDF, West Germany) 55. George Baker Selection – Paloma blanca; Demis Roussos – Schön wie Mona Lisa; Peter, Sue + Marc – In den Straßen von Belfast; Costa Cordalis – Es stieg ein Eingel vom Olymp; David Cassidy – Get it up for love; Marianne Rosenberg – Er gehört zu mir; Kenny – Fancy pants – and here they are!


1998. Folk singer and broadcaster Danny Kyle dies in hospital in Paisley, Scotland aged 58.


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