Today In Music, June 28th

From the Rockmine Almanac for today (June):


1948. John Martyn born in Moscow, Lanarkshire, Scotland.

In Custody

2003. Rapper DMX is arrested on obscenity charges after swearing onstage during the St Kitts Music Festival. The rapper claims that he has video taped evidence that an agreement was reached before his set that songs that contained swear words were acceptable providing no ad-libbed swearing was added between songs. After the arrest, DMX’s manager announced that unless festival promoters issued a public apology to the media he would consider legal action against them.

In Court

2001. Eminem appears in a Michigan courtroom for sentencing, following his “no contest” plea last month to the charge of brandishing a semi-automatic gun. The incident happened during an argument with Douglas Dahl of Detroit rap group Insane Clown Posse.

Circuit Judge Denise Langford Morris, presiding, could have jailed Eminem for a maximum of 5 years in prison. Appearing under his real name of Marshall Mathers III, the rapper testified the gun was not loaded and witnesses said he didn’t point it at anyone. Judge Morris said she’d received suggestions for a suitable sentence including washing his mouth out with soap and ordering him to write a clean song but in the end she gave him one year probabtion, a $ 2,300 fine and a community service order. Quoting a line from “The Real Slim Shady”, she told the rapper, “Now is the time for you to please stand up”.

In Hospital

1997. One girl dies and more than 300 fans are injured during the hometown gig by Die Toten Hosen at the football stadium in Dusseldorf. More than 60,000 attended the gig which was to celebrate the band’s 1,000th show. Also on the line-up were Bad Religion, Goldfinger and The Leningrad Cowboys.

Twenty minutes into the band’s set, the crowd surged towards the stage. Dozens of fans were pulled unconscious from the mosh pit but although paramedics were on hand, they were unable to resuscitate one. Die Toten Hosen (which means The Dead Pants) stopped the show and urged the crowd to move back. Authorities fearing a riot if the show was stopped, told the band to finish their set. A day later, thirty fans were still being treated in hospital.

On Television

1969. Beat Club (WDR, West Germany) 44: Caravan, Brian Poole & the Seychelles, Flirtations, Marsha Hunt, Procol Harum, Richie Havens, Keef Hartley, The Searchers, Family Dogg, 3 Dog Night, Dave Dee & Co, Ohio Express, Amen Corner. Here’s Keef Hartley with “Waiting Around”


1992. Punk turned goth guitarist Rob Graves, real name Rob Ritter, (ex Gun Club) dies from a heroin overdose in New York City.


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