Today In Music, June 10th

From the Rockmine Almanac for today (Tuesday 10th June):


1910. Bluesman Howlin’ Wolf born Chester Arthur Burnett on a plantation outside West Port, Mississippi.

On Stage

1981. Andy Gibb opens in the role of Frederic for the Los Angeles production of “The Pirates Of Penzance”.

In Court

1992. The $ 25 million palimony lawsuit brought by model Kelly Emberg against Rod Stewart is dismissed in Los Angeles Superior Court. Judge David Horowitz, presiding, threw out her claim for half of all the assets that Rod had accrued between 1985 and 1990 when the two were living “as husband and wife”

In Custody

1990. Luther Campbell and Chris Wongwon of 2 Live Crew are arrested on obscenity charges following their gig at Club Futura in the Miami suburb of Hollywood. A third member of the rap band said he would surrender himself to police later in the day.

The arrests follow on from a federal Judge’s ruling on June 6th that the band’s album, “As Nasty As They Wanna Be” was obscene and violated the community standards of South Florida. Sheriff for Broward County, Nick Navarro, had warned retailers “If you sell it, you’re going to jail”. The arrests clearly show that the band will be unable to perform any material from the album in the state uncensored.

On Television

1994. Later… With Jools Holland (BBC-2, U.K.) 3.6. Crowded House – “In My Command”; “Fingers of Love”; “Private Universe”; The Auteurs – “Lenny Valentino”; “Everything You Say”; Aswad – “Shine”; “Picking it up”; The Cranberries – “No Need To Argue”; “Dreaming My Dreams” Here are The Auteurs with “Lenny Valentine”.


1982. Addie “Micky” Harris (The Shirelles) dies of a heart attack after a gig in Atlanta, Georgia.


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