Today In Music, May 22nd

From the Rockmine Almanac for today (Thursday 22nd May):


1924. Charles Aznavour born Shahnour Aznavurjan in Paris, France.

On Tour

1955. Tonight’s show by Fats Domino at Bridgeport, Connecticut is cancelled by local police worried about the rioting there’s been at rock and roll shows in the state.

In Court

1997. Video director Marty Callner files a lawsuit for nearly $ 500,000 against Aerosmith. Callner, who has directed 13 videos for the band, alleges that he was hired to do another and then sacked having worked on the project for a month and run up $ 150,000 in pre-production costs. The band’s manager, Wendy Layster says they didn’t like what they’d seen so far. Callner, however, counters with a claim that the band changed their concept without telling him.

In Hospital

2002. Alien Ant Farm‘s tour bus is involved in a crash during their tour of Spain. Singer Dryden Mitchell, guitarist Terry Corso, bassist Tye Zamora and drummer Mike Cosgrove along with six crew members are taken to hospital with injuries. The driver of the bus was unfortunately killed. The crash happened on a road near Navalmoral de la Mata, west of Madrid, when the bus hit a stationary truck.

On Television

2006. The Ellen DeGeneres Show (Syndicated, U.S.A.) Special. Guests include: The Pussycat Dolls with “Buttons”.

In Parliament

2002. Peter Bradley M.P. presents an early day motion to the House Of Commons to have parliament acknowledge Love‘s album, “Forver Changes” as the greatest rock album of all time. His motion, which was signed by 8 other M.P.s reads as follows:

“That this House pays tribute to the legendary Arthur Lee, also known as Arthurly, frontman and inspiration of Love, the world’s greatest rock band and creators of Forever Changes, the greatest album of all time; notes that following his release from jail he is currently touring Europe; and urges honourable and especially Right honourable Members to consider the potential benefit to their constituents if they were, with the indulgence of their whips, to lighten up and tune in to one of his forthcoming British gigs.”

Like most early day motions, this one was squeezed out of being debated by the pressure of other business.


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