Today In Music, May 21st

From the Rockmine Almanac for today (Wednesday 21st May):


1926. Impresario and manager Albert Grossman born in Chicago.

On Tour

1976. The Rolling Stones begin a three-night run at London’s Earls Court. To avoid the fans thronging the building, Mick Jagger is taken to the gigs on the back of a motorcycle riden by his personal assistant, Alan Dunne.

In Court

1998. Frank Sinatra‘s will is filed with a Los Angeles court. It stipulates that any family member seeking to challenge it will face disinheritence. He leaves $ 3,5 million to his widow Barbara along with the couple’s horse ranch in the desert, the Beverly Hills mansion and their Malibu beach house. She will also take control of his name and image. Each of the singer’s three children will receive $ 200,000 cash and a Beverly Hills office building. Frank Sinatra Jnr also receives his father’s collection of sheet music. The grandchildren will benefit from a $ 1 million trust fund set up before Frank’s death and finally, his first wife, Nancy Barbato receives $ 250,000 cash. The rest of his estate and ownership of most of his material had already passed to the family through a living trust set up several years ago.

In Hospital

1998. Following the setting up of an endowment in memory of Nicolette Larson, her husband, drummer Russ Kunkel, their 8 year old daughter Elsie and Graham Nash present a cheque for $ 167,000 to the University Of California Children’s Hospital for a pre-surgery room for children. The money was raised from concerts featuring Jackson Browne, Jimmy Buffet, Crosby, Stills and Nash, Dan Fogelberg, Carole King, Bonnie Raitt and Linda Ronstadt. The fund aims to help children facing surgery. Larson died on December 16th from complications of a cerebral edema.

On Television

1977. Musikladen (ZDF, Germany) 33. Dead End Kids – “Have I The Right”; Al Sharp – “I’m nNver Gonna Leave You”; Roberta Kelly – “Zodiacs”; Dolly Parton – “Jolene”; Baccara – “Yes Sir, I Can Boogie”; Twiggy – “Rings”; Pussycat – “My Broken Souvenirs”; Tony Joe White – “Swamp Boogie”; Don Gibson – “It’s All Over”; Boney M – “Ma Baker”; Yvonne Elliman – “Love Me”; The Jacksons – “Enjoy Yourself”; George Baker Selection – “Beautiful Rose”. Here are the Dead End Kids. I really can’t make my mind up if the go-go dancers are topless or wearing body-stockings!

In Custody

1980. Joe Strummer (The Clash) is arrested by police in Hamburg, West Germany after attacking someone in the audience at a gig in the city with his guitar.

Daily Babble

I haven’t been giving the blog my full attention these last few weeks. It’s been down to a reworking of part of the Rockmine site but I’ve also been trying to organize an exhibition of rock and pop memorabilia. The venue was going to be the Red Shoes Theatre in Elgin, once better known as the Two Red Shoes Ballroom. It seemed to me a brilliant idea, to stage an exhibition where The Beatles, The Who, Pink Floyd and many others had played. Little has changed in the building; the stage today is exactly as it was when those bands stepped out on to it.

Unfortunately, despite it being a great idea and a great venue, it looks like it’s not going to come together. I wonder in some ways if the idea itself is too contrived. A fantasy of picking the quirkiest place to stage a commercial exhibition. Years ago, I staged one in a shopping mall. It was in a branch of Fast Frame, who did all my framing at the time. Maybe that’s where memorabilia should be seen. Out of context, juxtaposed with real life. A brief respite in the day-to-day hustle. Something you can stop and stare at for a few minutes before moving on with an old memory rekindled.

The problem seems to be down to insurance but hopefully I can clarify the situation in discussions with them tomorrow. Talking of juxtaposition, I once leant a pair of Jimi Hendix‘s trousers and some other Hendrix memorabilia to an Oddbins wine shop. They had a month promoting Chilean wines and the manager had come up with the idea of “Voodoo Chile”. He had the trousers, a white left hand strat and a painting of Jimi across a window emblazoned with that song title. It certainly stopped people in their tracks but I’d doubt it sold any wine!



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