Today In Music, May 12th

From the Rockmine Almanac for today (Monday 12th May):


1945. Ian McLagan (The Small Faces) born in London, England.

On Tour

1974. Brian May (Queen) collapses in New York during the band’s tour as support to Mott The Hoople. At first it is assumed to be exhaustion and he is ordered to rest before the next gig in Boston. By the time he gets to Boston, he is so ill a doctor is called and he is found to be suffering from hepatitis. The tour is cancelled and Brian is flown home.

In Custody

1995. Shed Seven are cautioned by police after throwing Alan Leach‘s drums out of their van onto the motorway en-route for tonight’s gig at The Garage in Glasgow. His snare drum is never recovered.

In Hospital

2000. Rod Stewart undergoes thyroid surgery in Los Angeles. The operation removed a nodule from the singer’s thyroid gland that had been spotted during a routine CAT scan. Thankfully, the nodule was benign.

On Television

1963. Bob Dylan rehearses four songs for tonight’s live broadcast of “The Ed Sullivan Show”. When the show’s Program Practices Editor, Stowe Phelps, asks him to drop “Talking John Birch Society Blues” from his set, he refuses and leaves. He’s dropped from the show but the programme’s censorship of the song does much to cement Dylan’s position in the protest movement. It’s long been said that some of the show’s production staff were members of the John Birch Society but this has never been confirmed. Izzy Young of the Folklore Centre publishes a xeroxed broadsheet listing all the words to the song which he distributes freely to protest against the programme’s actions.

Here’s something that did get broadcast:

1983. Rockpalast (WDR, West Germany) Tears For Fears (Sartory-Säle Köln). Here they are with their original version of “Mad World”.


2003. Kim Turner dies of cancer. He started as drummer with Cat Iron, a Miles Copeland managed band, before working with Andy Fraser (ex-Free).In the late seventies he again worked with Miles Copeland, this time as a road manager and sound engineer for The Police. In the late eighties he worked as executive producer for Wishbone Ash, with whom his brother Martin played.


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