Today In Music, May 10th

From the Rockmine Almanac for today (Saturday 10th May):


1952. Sly Dunbar (Sly And Robbie) born Lowell Fillmore Dunbar in Kingston, Jamaica.

On Tour

2000. Dozens of fans are injured when a crowd surges forward as Michael Jackson steps from his limo outside the Hotel de Paris in Monte Carlo, Monaco. Barriers erected to hold back the crowds gave way as police and dozens of Wacko’s minders tried to fight them back. Jackson is in town for the World Music Awards tonight, where he’ll receive an award for Artist Of the Millenium.

Although Jacko’s stay was meant to be secret and both his management and the hotel have strongly denied his presence, fans have been literally camped outside for the last two days. Police have been called to clear them but with no success.

In Court

1978. Paul Simenon (22) and Nicky “Topper” Headon (22) (both of The Clash) appear at Clerkenwell Court in London, charged with wounding three racing pigeons over a north London recording studio. They were appearing with three other men, musicians Steve Barnacle (21) and Peter Barnacle (17) (both later with Killing Joke) and journalist Robin Crocker (24). All five are remanded on bail until June 5th to allow for tests on an air rifle.

In Church

1982. A memorial service is held for Neil Bogart (founder of Buddah Records) at the Hillside Memorial Chapel in Los Angeles. Bob Dylan is among the mourners.

On Television

1974. The Mike Douglas Show (Syndicated, U.S.A.) 2700. Guests include Sly Stone.


1998. Electronic music pioneer and theramin virtuoso, Clara Rockmore dies at her home in New York City. The 87 year old had never recovered from a recent stroke.


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