Today In Music. May 8th

From the Rockmine Almanac for today (Thursday 8th May):


1911. Blues legend Robert Johnson born Robert Leroy Johnson in Hazelhurst, Mississippi to Julia Ann Dodds. The father, Noah Johnson, is an itinerant field hand. The parents never married as Julia, while separated from her husband Charles Dodds, was still married.

On Tour

1989. 150 fans without tickets are stranded outside W.A.S.P.‘s concert at the Ulster Hall, Belfast. The Royal Ulster Constabulary is called and 11 fans are arrested after starting to riot

In Court

1998. The High Court in London orders that the master tapes of a projected live album featuring The Beatles at the Star Club in Hamburg be returned to the group. During the three day hearing, George Harrison gave evidence describing the tapes as some of “the crummiest” he’d heard.

In Church

1978. Donny Osmond (20), marries 19 year old college student Debra Glenn at the Mormon Temple in Salt lake City. The couple met at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah where Donny was taking some classes.

On Television

2003. Late Show With David Letterman (CBS, U.S.A.) Show #1980. Marilyn Manson in conversation with Letterman.


1974. Graham Bond dies when he throws himself under an underground train in London. It takes police two days to identify the body.


I found a goldmine of information yesterday that got me really excited. Whilst trying to organize a memorabilia exhibition at what was the Two Red Shoes in Elgin, I went looking for some adverts for the gigs that took place there. One of the current owners of the venue told me about a local Heritage Centre just a few streets away. Although I had very little time, I couldn’t resist a quick visit. Half an hour later I came out with photocopies of the advert for The Beatles first gig on their first tour of Scotland (under that name) and the ad, from another paper, for Pink Floyd’s gig on July 20, 1967. Despite that, and a mention in the paper’s pop column, only 12 people turned up!

The ads were taken from microfiche so need some cleaning up but here’s the one for Pink Floyd. It amazes me that even for a gig on a Thursday night, the promoter had laid on buses to bring fans in from surrounding areas. 8/6 (approx 43p) for a 4 hour hour show with two bands, what a great deal!


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