Today In Music, May 7th

From the Rockmine Almanac for today (Wednesday 7th May):


1939. Johnny Maestro (The Crests) born Johnny Mastrangelo in Brooklyn, New York.

On Stage

1993. Mark Knopfler, leader of Dire Straits, takes to the stage at King’s Hall, Newcastle Upon Tyne, to receive an honorary doctorate in music from the city’s university.

In Court

1998. R. Kelly appears in court in Chicago to face charges of disorderly conduct and driving without a licence in the city last month. Both charges are dropped but a new date is set for June 15th when a third charge of violating a noise ordinance will be heard.

In Hospital

1994. Jello Biafra sustains a broken leg, damage to a knee and a superficial head wound when he is attacked by a group of thugs in the punk club, Gilman Street, in Berkeley, California. The incident started when Biafra was hit by a slam dancer nicknamed Creton who broke his leg. When Biafra tried to get some form of ID for insurance purposes he was set upon by five or six others yelling, “Sellout rock star, kick him!” His injuries have led to the cancellation of a spoken word tour of Canada which was to have been taped as his next album release.

On Television

1967. The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour (ABC, U.S.A.) Guest Stars: Jefferson Airplane; Nancy Wilson. Here are Jefferson Airplane with “White Rabbit” and “Somebody To Love”.


1992. Nigel Preston (The Cult) dies in Brixton, London. The cause is unknown.


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