Today In Music, May 2nd

From the Rockmine Almanac for today (Friday 2nd May):


1946. Leslie Gore (“It’s My Party”) born in Tenafly, New Jersey.

On Stage

1989. Stiv Bators announces the end of The Lords Of The New Church on stage at London’s Astoria. He’d found out that while he was in Paris recovering from a back injury, the rest of the band had placed ads in the press looking for a new singer. When they came back out for their encore, Bators was wearing a t-shirt with the ad printed across the front and calmly told the audience he was disbanding the group then and there.

In Court

2000. LeAnn Rimes files a lawsuit in Dallas County District Court against her father, Wilbur Rimes and former co-manager, Lyle Walker. The suit alleges that over a period of several years the two men stole more than $ 7 million. The scam was seemingly discovered last year when a firm of accountants were brought in by LeAnn’s mother, Belinda, to audit the accounts.

In Government

1980. South African authorities ban Pink Floyd‘s “The Wall” as being “prejudicial to the safety of the state”. School children adopt the single “Another Brick In The Wall” as a protest song against the poor quality of the education system.

On Television

1995. Later… With Jools Holland (BBC-2, U.K.) First show of series 5. Courtney Love & Hole – “Doll Parts”; “When he Hit Me, it Felt Like A Kiss”, “Violet”; The Mavericks – “What A Crying Shame”, “I Should have been True”; Dionne Farris – “I Know”, “Reality”; Massive Attack – “Karmacoma”, “Better Things (+ Everything But The Girl)”; Marianne Faithfull – “Love, Life and Money”, “The Stars Line Up”. Here are The Mavericks. Sorry about the quality!

Death Of A Dream

2001. Fans of rapper “Big Pun” who’ve petitioned Bronx City Council in New York, have their hopes dashed when the decision is made not to rename an intersection after him. At a meeting today, a council committee voted down the proposal to rename the intersection of 163rd Street and Rogers Place, Big Pun Place, saying it objected to the profanity and references to violence and drug dealing in the rapper’s lyrics


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