Today In Music, April 28th

From the Rockmine Almanac for today (Monday 28th April):


1967. Graham Bonnar (Swervedriver) born in Scotland.

On Stage

1968. Rock musical, “Hair” makes its Broadway debut at the Biltmore Theater.

In Court

1997. A warrant is issued for the arrest of rapper Foxy Brown when she fails to appear in court in Raleigh, North Carolina to answer a charge of simple assault. Brown, who was charged under her real name of Inga Marchand, is alleged to have spat in the faces of two hotel clerks when they were unable to give her an iron for her clothes. One of Brown’s lawyers said that the hotel workers were planning on suing the rapper for $ 1 million for their trauma although no lawsuit had been filed.

In The Press

1989. The Sun announces that Bros have dumped guitarist Craig Logan and are giving him a £ 1 million pay-off. Logan storms round to the band’s office, slams a copy of the tabloid on the table and declares, “I’m worth more than that”. He pledges to sue for more and then heads for his solicitors.

On Television

1998. Late Show With David Letterman (CBS, U.S.A.) Show #0997. Musical guest: Dave Matthews Band. Here they are with, “Don’t Drink The Water”.


1975. DJ, manager and co-founder of Autumn Records, Tom Donahue dies in San Francisco from a heart attack.

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