Today In Music, April 26th

From the Rockmine Almanac for today (Saturday 26th April):


On Tour

1982. The Clash postpone their UK tour when Joe Strummer goes missing.

In Court

1999. The David Geffen Corporation and Bong Load Custom Records file separate lawsuits against Beck. Both companies are seeking a court ruling that will enforce their rights over the artist. The legal action stems from a clause that Beck insisted on in his original 1994 contracts that allows him to record “non-commercial” music for small independent labels. Both DGC and Bong Load now want to stifle his indie productions to ensure the commercial viability of their “product”. Since DGC and its parent company, Polygram, were consumed by the Universal Group, Beck has seen the managers and contacts within DGC replaced with people less sympathetic to his ideals. As a result, he’s made it clear that he feels his contract is no longer binding.

In The Press

1976. David Bowie gives an interview to a journalist in Stockholm, Sweden which sparks a storm of controversy in the British press. He later repudiates his remarks: “As I can see it, I am the only alternative for the premier in Britain. I believe Britain could benefit from a fascist leader. After all, fascism is really nationalism”. Oops!

On Television

1993. Later… With Jools Holland (BBC-2, U.K.) First show of series 2. P J Harvey – “Naked Cousin”, “Wang Dang Doodle; Maria McKee – “I Can’t Make it Alone; Vince Gill – “No Future In The Past”, “(Don’t Let Your Love) Start Slipping Away; Sounds of Blackness – “I’m Going all The Way”, “Pressure Pt II”, “Optimistic; Alice In Chains – “Them Bones”, “Would”.


1984. Count Basie dies in Hollywood, Florida.


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