Today In Music, April 18th

From the Rockmine Almanac for today (April):


1964. Bez (The Happy Mondays) born Mark Berry in Manchester, England.

On Stage

1964. Stewards battle with 8,000 fans to keep order inside the Empire Pool, Wembley during The Rolling Stones‘ section of the “Ready Steady Go Rave Mad Mod Ball”. Meanwhile, upset by the concept of a mod event, a battalion of Rockers turn up looking for a fight. They get one with the police outside the venue. 30 bikers are arrested.

In Business

1985. Wham! become the first Western group to have an album officially released in China on a full royalty paying basis. The album available only on cassette features five tracks by Wham! on side one with five by Chinese artist Sing Ong Yuen on the flip. The Chinese star will only receive her standard fee (equivalent to £ 15) with royalties being paid direct to the government.
The ground-breaking deal is a joint venture between Wham!, their management, CBS-UK, the Chinese Culture Exchange Centre and Hong Kong based International Yamagen. Sales of up to 200 million copies are projected.

In Court

1988. Mick Jagger appears in the Federal Court in White Plains, New York State for the start of the copyright infringement case brought against him by reggae songwriter Patrick Alley. Alley is suing Mick and Columbia Records for $ 7 million claiming that the words and music to Jagger’s hit single “Just Another Night” were copied from his tune of the same name.

On Television

1977. Rockpalast (WDR, West Germany) Tom Waits (WDR Studio-L Köln). Here he is with, “Step Right Up”.


1996. Bernard Edwards (Chic) dies in his hotel room in Tokyo, Japan, after complaining of feeling ill. Cause of death was found to be pneumonia.

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