Today In Music, April 16th

From the Rockmine Almanac for today (Wednesday 16th April):


1939. Dusty Springfield born Mary Catherine Isabel Bernadette O’Brien in London, England.

In Court

1987. Elton John‘s solicitors issue another two writs against “The Sun” newspaper. This is a direct response to the paper running a front page story, headed “Elton Porn Photo Shame”, that claims they have a photograph showing Elton having sex with a young man. Inside there is a further two page spread entitled, “Elton’s Five Day Orgy”. This brings the total of writs issued against “The Sun” by Elton to ten. Just so they don’t feel left out, he also issues two against “The Daily Star”.

In Custody

1999. Puff Daddy turns himself into police in New York following the alleged assault of Interscope Records executive Steve Stoute yesterday. Stoute claims that after an MTV screening of the latest video by rapper Nas, Puffy (real name Sean Combs) and two other men visited his offices in Broadway and attacked him. It’s thought that the attack was provoked by Puffy being included in the Nas video (hanging on a cross in a crucifixion scene) without approval. The police charge sheet:


In Business

1997. Sony stops production of the latest Aerosmith album after thousands of complaints from Hindus around the world. It seems the cover of “Nine Lives” features a sacraligious alteration of an ancient painting of the Hindu god Krishna. Sony has ordered a recall of all copies of the CDs in circulation and a re-design of the cover before it will be re-released. Aerosmith themselves, have apologised for any disrespect shown and any harm caused. To ensure the new cover is acceptable, it will be approved by the American Hindu Anti-Defamation Coalition before going to print.

On Television

1967. The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour (ABC, U.S.A.) Guest Stars: Electric Prunes.


1999. Alexander Lee “Skip” Spence (Jefferson Airplane, Moby Grape) dies in Santa Cruz, California. He had been suffering from lung cancer, congestive heart failure and pneumonia.


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