Today In Music, April 12th

From the Rockmine Almanac for today (Saturday 12th April):


1967. Sarah Cracknell (Saint Etienne) born in Chelmsford, Essex.

In Church

1990. Elton John sings “Candle In The Wind” at the funeral of Ryan White in Indianapolis. White was an haemophiliac who died of AIDS contracted through infected blood. His death is the main impetus in launching Elton’s fund raising efforts for AIDS charities.

In Court

1969. The Beach Boys sue Capitol Records for $ 620,000 unpaid royalties and $ 1,418,827.92 production fees due to Brian Wilson. Capitol retaliate by deleting the band’s back catalogue, therby starving them of any future royalties.

In Custody

1982. A minor incident brings police to the area surrounding Cardi’s Nightclub in Dallas, Texas. One officer, arriving too late on the scene decides to enter the club looking for liquor violations. His brief search leads him to a backstage dressing room where he finds David Crosby crouching on the floor with a propane torch in one hand and a glass pipe in the other. On a nearby table is an open holdall with a bag of white powder clearly visible. The cop arrests Crosby and takes him and his cocaine down to City Hall. On his way there the cop, carrying the holdall thinks it’s a bit heavy and looks inside where he finds a Colt .45 automatic pistol. Crosby is charged with possession of drugs and possession of a loaded weapon on premises licensed to sell alcohol. Within four hours, he is released on bail to appear in court on May 6th.

In Hospital

1966. Jan Berry (Jan & Dean) crashes his Corvette. It took four years of surgery before he could speak properly again.

On Television

1977. Rockpalast (WDR, West Germany) Harry Chapin (WDR Studio-L Köln). Here’s Harry with W.O.L.D.


1975. Josephine Baker dies five days after suffering a stroke and falling into a coma whilst asleep in bed.

Music Paper From Today

New Musical Express from 12th April 1970. A copy taken from Rockmine’s almost complete run of U.K. music papers from the last 45 years. 


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