Today In Music, April 8th

From the Rockmine Almanac for today (Tuesday 8th April):


1962. Izzy Stradlin (Guns n’ Roses) born Jeffrey Isbell in Lafayette, Indiana.

On Tour

1973. Barclay James Harvest‘s equipment gets moving again following an enforced stay at the Mont Blanc Italian Customs post. The band fled Yugoslavia last week when it was revealed their local promoter had done a runner without paying any of his dues. Worried that their stage set and instruments would be impounded, they headed for home only to hit the Italian border during a strike by customs officers. The band managed to get through but have had to cancel five European shows.

In Court

1981. At the end of a three day trial at Brighton Crown Court, Patrick Olive (Hot Chocolate) is cleared of causing the death of a 20 year old girl by careless driving. Unfortunately, he is found guilty of the lesser charge of driving without due care and attention and fined £ 500 with £ 300 costs. During the trial, the court heard how the girl, Veronica Duffy, had been given a lift by Olive after leaving a social club in Crawley, Surrey. As he was driving Miss Duffy home to nearby Ifield, Olive overtook a lorry in his Porsche but lost control of the car which hit a lampost and rolled over several times. Miss Duffy died from multiple injuries.

At Sea

1998. Ron Wood is among twelve people rescued from a yacht drifting 100 miles east of Rio de Janeiro, moments before it burst into flames and was destroyed. Ron was visiting Park’s Island owned by millionaire plastic surgeon Ivo Pitanguy with Keith Richards before a concert in Rio on the 11th of this month.

On Television


1996. Late Show With David Letterman (CBS, U.S.A.) Musical guest: Tori Amos. Here she is with “Muhammad My Friend”.


1997. Laura Nyro dies of ovarian cancer at home in Danbury Connecticut.

Music Paper From Today

New Musical Express from 8th April 1995. A copy taken from Rockmine’s almost complete run of U.K. music papers from the last 45 years. 


Daily Babble

My apologies for the missing blogs for the last couple of days. WordPress updated the system and nothing seemed to work for me. Thankfully, all now seems to be okay again.

I will do what I did after coming back from Egypt and put the missing dates up. As of tomorrow, I’ll have a new page on here for The Rockmine Garage Sale. It’s the clear-out of my garage that I’ve been working on for ages. Another foray out there yesterday saw me coming back with a box full of promo posters and even sections of Beatles wallpaper. Talking of wallpaper, I found a still sealed roll of promotional wallpaper for Kylie Minogue’s “Enjoy Yourself” and dare I say it a roll of Spice Girls paper and a border!

I hate to think what else lurks there!


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