Today, April 1

I have to apologize for the lack of the usual blog but although I came prepared, life on tour in Egypt has left me with no time to add my usual music facts. Don’t worry, I will be adding them when I get home which will be tomorrow night.

As I haven’t done the usual extract from the almanac, I thought it would be nice to share some pyramid pics with you. After all, The Grateful Dead played here and Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side Of The Moon” features the pyramids on the enclosed stickers. So here goes:


This was the first image I took on arrival and just seemed to be a perfect illustration of Egypt. The camel’s rider is a fully armed policeman!


The pharoahs believed that a Sun Boat that took them on their voyage to the afterlife. This one was found hidden in three holes in the ground and carefully reassembled.


I’ve been on horses before but I have to own up to never having been on a camel before. This was him, my trusty sand steed. In case you wonder, I didn’t check it was a him but was told that all female camels are used for breeding and food only. They won’t put up with having anyone on top! This one was fairly steady but his personal habits left a lot to be desired.


Here I am trying my own “Dark Side” shot – but with 4 pyramids. Cairo’s almost visible behind through the haze.

Talking of camels as food, The Egypt Daily News for today has a great story on its front page: “Cairo donkey butchers caught red-handed”. It goes on to say that, “Two Cairo butchers have been arrested for allegedly passing off donkey, cat and dog carcasses as beef, a security official told AFP on Monday.”

I know it’s April Fool’s Day but I think this is probably a Halal story as they say!


Talking of the security forces, here’s the Tourist Police box at the pyramids.

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