Today In Music, March 17th

From the Rockmine Almanac for today (Monday 17th March):


1945. Patti Ann Boyd (later Mrs. George Harrison, the inspiration to Eric Clapton‘s “Layla” and then his wife) born.

In The Shops

2001. Despite only recently releasing their first single, Hear’Say aren’t missing out on the merchandising oportunities spawned by the “Popstars” TV show. Today they’re appearing at Hamleys toy shop in London to launch a set of five dolls. The miniature look-alikes seemed to please the group as well as the hundreds of fans on hand to snap them up; Danny Foster described his 11 inch doll as “my twin brother”.

In Court

Janet Jackson files papers in Los Angeles Superior Court to seek a restraining order against Jay Thomas Myers, a 31-year-old tow company worker who has been harassing her with letters. The complaint lodged with the court runs to more than 30 pages and paints the picture of a stalker with delusional and sometimes menacing traits. 
When the case does come to court, on October 1st, Jackson gets a restraining order against Myers for the next three years. He is ordered never to come closer to her than 100 yards and not to attempt to contact her in any way. The singer has already obtained restraining orders on four other stalkers. 

At The Palace

2004. Ray Davies of The Kinks receives a C.B.E. (Commander of the Order of the British Empire), for his services to music, from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham palace in London. Davies was still limping and using a stick to walk after being shot in the leg when he chased a mugger in New Orleans, in January this year.

On Television

2003. Never Mind The Buzzcocks (BBC-2, U.K.) 110. Ron Mael, Russell Mael, Pete Tong, Dave Johns. Identity parade: Colin Pattenden from Mandred Mann’s Earth Band, Omar.


1982. Samuel George Jnr., drummer and lead vocalist with The Capitols, dies from stab wounds after a domestic dispute.

Music Paper From Today

Melody Maker from 17th March 1962. A copy taken from Rockmine’s almost complete run of U.K. music papers from the last 45 years. 

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