Today In Music, March 12th

From the Rockmine Almanac for today (Wednesday 12th March):


1942. Paul Kantner (Jefferson Airplane) born in San Francisco.

On Tour

1996. Rod Stewart cancels tonight’s show at New York’s Madison Square Gardens after a recurrence of the throat problems that have dogged him for five years. Another gig at the same venue and one in Toronto are also cancelled.

In Court

1998. A Federal Judge in the U.S. District Court in Los Angeles refuses a motion by toymaker Mattel to stop all distribution of the hit single, “Barbie Girl” by Danish pop group Aqua. Mattel filed a lawsuit last September against the group and its label, MCA Records seeking an unspecified amount of damages and the withdrawal of all copies of the song on CD or video claiming that the song associates “sexual and unsavoury themes” with the much loved doll. The judge warned that the company would need to prove hard evidence that the song had affected sales of the doll or risk losing the case. He said the song was a parody on the image of the doll which was already the subject of parody.

In Hospital

1977. Old Grey Whistle Test presenter, Bob Harris and a studio engineer, George Nicholson, are involved in a fight with Sid Vicious, Jah Wobble and the other Sex Pistols at London’s Speakeasy Club. The fight erupts after Wobble asks why Harris won’t play the Pistols on his show. Harris doesn’t give the right answer and a scuffle develops. Sid is pushed and reacts by going after Harris with a beer glass which comes to rest in Nicholson’s head. The engineer is taken to hospital where he receives 14 stitches to his wound.

On Television

2001 Never Mind The Buzzcocks (BBC-2, U.K.) with Slash, Tony Blackburn, Josie D’Arby, Paul Marazzi.


1998. Judge Dread collapses onstage in Canterbury with a heart attack and dies aged 53.

Music Paper From Today

Record Mirror from 12th March 1988. A copy taken from Rockmine’s almost complete run of U.K. music papers from the last 45 years. 

Daily Babble
The last 24 hours have been quite busy. My TV listing is now topping 15,000 entries but it’s still no where near finished. I spent Monday afternoon in a library getting the listings for the first half of 1964. It’s amazing but I really think there was more rock and pop on mainstream television than there is now. Saturday nights were a riot with sometimes five music shows in a row and that was with only two TV channels.
The other thing I’ve caught up with is my eBay shop, called the Rockmine Garage Sale. It is exactly what it says in the title. My garage is home to crates full of all sorts from the days when I was doing record fairs about 15 years ago. It’s not stuff I need for the archive (at least that’s what I tell myself) and it’s not high-end museum quality memorabilia which I’m planning to sell direct from So, I decided to sell everthing I don’t need. It really could keep me going for ages!
I’ve started with some sheet music which includes The Beatles and John Lennon but there’s bound to be some interesting stuff there so keep looking back. 

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