Today In Music, March 9th

From the Rockmine Almanac for today (Sunday 9th March):


1945. Robin Trower born in London, England.

On Stage

1972. A benefit concert is held for presidential candidate George McGovern to help pay his campaign debts after being beaten by Richard Nixon. Quincy Jones, Carly Simon, Barbra Streisand and James Taylor play while Carly Simon, Mama Cass and other stars act as ushers.

In Court

1995. Rapper T-Bone (real name Terry Gray) of Da Lench Mob is aquitted of murder charges in a Los Angeles court. He has protested throughout that he was a victim of mistaken identity in the shooting of two people in a bowling alley in February 1994.

In Flames

1995. More than 10,000 Elastica and Radiohead cassettes and CDs are destroyed in an arson attack at a distribution warehouse in Hayes, Middlesex. The warehouse, owned by Entertainment UK, supplies Woolworths, Asda and many other supermarkets with albums.

On Television

1973. The Partridge Family (ABC, U.S.A.) in an episode entitled, “Diary Of A Mad Millionaire”.


1999. Songwriter Mike Anthony (born Michael Joseph Logiudice) dies at Nashville’s Columbia Centennial Medical Center where he’d been treated since suffering a stroke and heart attack in February. Known in recent years as a country songwriter, he’s best remembered for “Poetry In Motion” and other hits co-written with Barry Mann.

Music Paper From Today
 Sounds. Publication date: 9th March 1975

Sounds from 9th March 1975. A copy taken from Rockmine’s almost complete run of U.K. music papers from the last 45 years. 

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