Today In Music, February 24th

From the Rockmine Almanac for today (Sunday 24th February):


1942. Paul Jones (Manfred Mann, The Blues Band) born Paul Pond in Portsmouth, England. Paul was originally in a duo called Lewis and Pond. His partner in that, Elmo Lewis, was Brian Jones. Brian is said to have offered Paul the job of fronting The Rolling Stones. When asked about this in a radio interview, Paul said his agent had told him there was more security to be had working in the theatre than fronting a band! 

In Business

1967. The Bee Gees sign a contract with Polydor Records that will make them millionaires less than three weeks after arriving back in Britain with only a few hundred pounds between them. Before leaving Australia, they’d sent a demo acetate to Brian Epstein at NEMS. Brian was too busy with The Beatles and gave the demo to his partner, Robert Stigwood. Stigwood tracked the group down to a rented house in Hendon only days after they’d settled in. Having contacted them, he interviewed them at his office, auditioned them at London’s Saville Theatre and offered them a management contract the next morning.

In Court

1999. Cure fan Mark Perry, 23, wins $ 75,000 damages for injuries allegedly received from Brian David Adsett, one of the band’s bodyguards when he tried to get an autograph at their hotel in 1996. The case, heard in Santa Ana, California was won by default as the band never responded to the lawsuit. According to Perry’s lawyer, Erik Gunderson, when the legal papers were served on Robert Smith, at a Hollywood autograph session, the singer responded by tearing the writ up and showering the crowd with it.

In Hospital

1979. Johnnie Wilder (Heatwave) is injured in a car crash during the band’s stay in New York for recording sessions. He is left paralysed from the neck down although he does return to studio vocal and production work.

On Television

Parkinson (U.K.) with a performance by Sade.


1990. Johnnie Ray dies of liver failure in Los Angeles.

Music Paper From Today

New Musical Express from 24th February 1979. A copy taken from Rockmine’s almost complete run of U.K. music papers from the last 45 years. 

Now Playing

Doveman – “The Acrobat” (2005)

Ideal for a laid-back Sunday morning when you don’t want anything too heavy. This lo-fi/dream pop/slowcore debut album is an exemplary example of subtle understated intelligent rock. Vocalist Thomas Bartlett’s words drift almost lazily over a carefully crafted backdrop of piano, violin and cornet that meld seamlessly with the guitars and drums. 

The opening track, “Honey” is the definite standout but the album never struggles to interest or please. 

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