Today In Music, February 21st

From the Rockmine Almanac for today (Thursday 21st February):


1961. Ranking Roger (The Beat) born Roger Charlery in Birmingham, England.

On Tour

1990. On tour with The Rolling Stones in Tokyo, Japan, Keith Richard‘s mother-in-law has a heart attack and is rushed to hospital. Keith goes to the hospital with Patti Hansen but leaves long enough to play tonight’s gig at the Korakuen Dome before returning.

In Court

As part of a plea bargaining deal, rapper Juvenile pleads guilty to felony battery in court in Miami, Florida. The rapper (real name Terius Gray) is sentenced to 75 hours community service, will be on unsupervised probation for one year, will donate $ 5,000 to a local children’s charity and pay court costs of $ 782.
The original charges carried a maximum possible sentence of 15 years. They were aggravated battery, battery on a law enforcement officer, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest and stemmed from a fight outside a Miami comedy club on March 28th 2001. Juvenile was alleged to have struck a man, Jackson Saint Ange with a champagne bottle, knocking him unconscious. He then allegedly ran up to a police officer, grabbing him and swearing at him. Judge Bertila Soto was told by Saint Ange’s lawyer that his client had no objection to the plea deal and had already settled a civil suit against juvenile for an undisclosed ammount.  

In Hospital

1997. Patsy Kensit discharges herself from the Charter Nightingale Hospital in London where she had booked herself in for treatment for stress. She was forced to leave after a tabloid newspaper published the name of the £ 4,000 a week clinic. Fiance Liam Gallagher met her and the couple strolled home hand in hand.

On Television

1966. Hullabaloo (U.S.A.). Hosts: The Righteous Brothers. Guests: Paul Revere & The Raiders, Nancy Sinatra, Bob Lind, Paul & Barry Ryan. Here’s Bob Lind with “Elusive Butterfly” from the show.


1971. Fairport Convention fiddler Dave Swarbrick has a lucky escape as a lorry crashes into his bedroom in the early morning. Only the bed was left unscathed. The driver of the vehicle was killed and his mate seriously injured as it hit the building in Bishop’s Stortford. Swarbrick, along with other group members Simon Nichol, Dave Mattacks and Dave Pegg, who also have flats in the converted pub, were all treated for shock.

Music Paper From Today

Street Life from 21 February 1976. It was the nearest any magazine has got to being a British Rolling Stone with great writers and articles covering far more than just music. This copy is taken from Rockmine’s almost complete run of U.K. music papers from the last 45 years. In case you’re wondering why I’ve not been including Melody Maker until now, the answer is simple – the majority of copies are too big for the scanner! 
Daily Babble.

Well, what do I say? Should I be cool enough to say I didn’t watch The Brits or imply that the act of watching it was, in itself, subversive and therefore cool. I know, I’ll tell you the truth. I put the TV on, watched the start of The Brits and turned over to watch Master Chef and then Grand Designs before catching up with what happened on my mac which I’d left recording it.
My verdict is this: Mika bored me. All I could think was “Freddie did this better”. That was it in a way, I lost interest; and when The Osbournes took to the stage I longed nostalgically for Mick Fleetwood and Samantha Fox. Master Chef on the other hand, had everything: real drama, dashed hopes, emotion and a wonderful piece of Craig Armstrong dropped in to add tension to a perfectly pointless river scene.
I’ve decided that watching Master Chef before eating is not a good idea. What comes out of the oven never quite satisfies but maybe that’s just me. Grand Designs was a complicated tale of British and German builders and trades being brought together and something incredible being built, albeit not quite finished thanks to the Brits. No, not “The Brits”. Talking of which, I topped up my glass with some better red wine and decided to finish watching.
I loved the understated sexual tension between Kylie and David Tennant (it was there wasn’t it?). Mark Ronson was really interesting. I felt Amy Winehouse didn’t get into her stride as much as she had at the Grammy’s but then who can blame her? As for Sir Paul McCartney, there’s something reassuring about a man who can still smile and seem to get excited about his music after playing it for so long – and do it well. He hasn’t exactly had things easy of late either. 
Now all I have to worry about is who gets kicked off Master Chef tonight…. 
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