Today In Music, February 15th

From the Rockmine Almanac for today (Friday 15th February):


1941. Songwriter Brian Holland (Holland, Dozier, Holland) born in Detroit, Michigan.

On Tour

1968. Beatles John Lennon and George Harrison, with their wives, travel to Rishikesh, India, to study Transcendental Meditation with the Maharishi. Paul McCartney with Jane Asher, and Ringo Starr with his wife, Maureen, follow on the 19th. Ringo and Maureen leave after only 10 days, bored with the routine and sick of the food. Paul and Jane leave on March 26. John, George and their wives leave on April 12, following an accusation (now thought to be untrue) that the Maharishi was attempting to seduce Mia Farrow, another acolyte.

In Court

1971. Four members of The Tremeloes (Leonard Hawkes, David Munden, Richard Westwood and Alan Blakely), their road manager (Roy Farrant) and a former manager (James Walsh) are fined a total of £ 10,000 at Uxbridge Magistrates Court after pleading guilty to keeping guitars, amplifiers, drums and speaker cabinets on which customs duty had not been paid. The charges date back to March 12th, 1968 when the equipment was found at an address in Southampton Place, Bloomsbury, London. The band had bought the gear during their 1968 tour of North and South America but had told customs officials that everything had been bought in Britain. Unfortunately, during a search of their then manager’s bags, a receipt was found for the goods. Customs officers then began an investigation which led to the discovery of the Bloomsbury address. It’s estimated that the amount of unpaid duty amounted to £ 917! Each of the band members was fined £ 2,000, as was their road manager. Their former manager pleaded not guilty and that case against him was dismissed but he did admit avoiding duty on two amplifiers and was fined £ 300. Munden also admitted another two offences and was fined £ 300 for avoiding duty on a wristwatch and £ 250 for a cine camera. Hawkes was fined £ 200 for avoiding duty on a rhythm recorder.

On Television

Soul Train (U.S.A.) with Rufus and Chaka KhanGino VanelliBohannon. Here’s Rufus with “Tell Me Something Good” from that show.

In Hospital

1978. Chrissie Wood (27), wife of Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood, is taken to hospital after a car accident near the couple’s home in Richmond Hill, Surrey. A hospital spokesman later describes her condition as “satisfactory”.

1981. Michael Bloomfield is found dead in his car after a suspected heroin overdose, aged 37.

Music Paper From Today
New Musical Express from 15th February 1969. A copy taken from Rockmine’s almost complete run of U.K. music papers from the last 45 years. 

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