Today In Music, February 7th

From the Rockmine Almanac for today (Thursday 7th February):


1949. Alan Lancaster (Status Quo) born in London, England.

On Tour

1980. Pink Floyd‘s “The Wall” tour opens at the Los Angeles Sports Arena. The show is delayed for a short while after fireworks set fire to some curtains.

In Court

1995. Tupac Shakur is sentenced to between 18 months and four-and-a-half years in prison when he appears in Manhattan Supreme Court on charges of sexual assault against a 21 year old female. Shakur’s road manager, Charles Fuller, is jailed for four months and also given five years probation for a sexual abuse charge. Both men escaped the more serious charge of forcibly sodomising the woman. The charges relate to an incident in a Manhatten hotel suite on November 18th, 1993. During the trial, the woman told how she cried hysterically as one man tore off her clothes and forced her to the floor and pleaded for mercy as the others took turns forcing her to perform sex acts. She said, “I was a victim of these men who set upon me like animals”.
Handing down the harsher sentence to Shakur, Judge Daniel Fitzpatrick said he, “… must bear the full responsibility. He was the instigator and showed an arrogance towards others”. In reply, Shakur said he was innocent of the charges but went on to apologize to the youth of America, adding he’d done nothing wrong and felt no shame. He also attacked the judge for never looking into his eyes, saying “I always felt you had something against me”. After the trial, the rapper’s lawyers said they are preparing an appeal.

In Hospital

1969. George Harrison is admitted into London’s University College Hospital, where his tonsils are to be removed the following day. He will return home on the 15th.

On Television

1999. “The South Bank Show” (U.K.) – U.B. 40


2000. Peurto Rican rapper Big Pun (real name Christopher Rios) collapses at the Crowne Plaza Hotal in White Plains, New York with a suspected heart attack. Despite being rushed to hospital, he’s pronounced “dead on arrival”. It’s understood the rapper, who weighed 698 pounds, had suffered health problems related to his extreme obesity.

Daily Babble
Work on the rebuilding of my TV listings goes on. This month’s MacFormat magazine was good enough to point out that Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac does not handle macros, so I’ll have to stick with older versions to deal with my method of dating events. Big hassle with that is there’s a maximum of 64,000 entries on one spreadsheet and that isn’t going to be big enough for everything.
Good news is, I added 14 shows that had never made it to my master TV list. They were mainly British shows but I’ve still to find my “Sunday Night At The London Palladium”, “Thank Your Lucky Stars” and “Juke Box Jury” lists. I thought I’d go back to my trusty 5″ X 3″ card indexes but all that’s done is throw up other shows I’ve forgotten about. Things like “6.55 Special” and “Friday Night… Saturday Morning”. I even came across a card for Dory Previn being interviewed by “the thinking man’s crumpet”, Joan Bakewell on “Newsnight” in 1982. So, I better add “Newsnight” to my list.
I’ve pulled out a swathe of cards that list everything that was played during two series of what may well be the best radio show ever: “Peel’s Pleasures”. I MUST listen to the tapes again. One features The Bonzos, Loudon Wainwright, Ben the talking dog, Lt. Commander Tommy Woodroffe giving live commentary on the illumination of the fleet, The Marauders live at The Cavern and a taxidermist talking about stuffing an elephant! That’s real entertainment.
You may have noticed that I’ve dropped my daily music paper front page. I bought a new A3 scanner to tackle the job on Tuesday. Tried it yesterday and it didn’t work! I’ll take it back to the store but it may be a few days before that’s up and running. 
Anyway, I better get back to my listings…. 

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