Today In Music, February 6th

From the Rockmine Almanac for today (Wednesday 6th February):


1950. Composer, arranger, producer and the man behind the music of The Wombles, Mike Batt born in Southampton, England. Of late, Mike’s career has taken off again since discovering and managing Katie Mellua.

On Stage

1958. The Quarry Men (John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Eric Griffiths, Colin Hanton, and perhaps John “Duff” Lowe) perform at Wilson Hall, Garston, Liverpool. Although the memories of the participants differ greatly as to when George Harrison met The Quarry Men for the first time, it is generally accepted that February 6 is the most plausible date. George was never officially asked to become a member of The Quarry Men, but he worked his way into the group by persistently sitting in during rehearsals and filling in when one of The Quarry Men was unable to perform.

In Court

1997. John Rossall, original sax player with The Glitter Band, appears in the High Court charged with breaching court orders going back as far as 1984. Rossall has been calling his band The Glitter Band despite having been ordered never to do so again. This current action was brought by Gerry Shepherd and Peter Phipps, leader and drummer with The Glitter Band. They found out that Rossall had staged 10 concerts in December using their name, much to the disappointment of their fans. The judge warned Rossall that he would face one year in prison if he ever breached the order again.

In Hospital

1990. Billy Idol crashes his motorcycle after running a red light in Hollywood. The singer breaks his arm and leg in a number of places. He’d just left the recording studios, where he’s been working on his new album, “Charmed Life”.

On Television

1968. Ringo Starr appears live on the BBC1 program “Cilla”, hosted by Cilla Black. Black was a personal friend of The Beatles, who, like them, was managed by Brian Epstein. Before his death last August, Epstein had arranged this television series. The theme song, “Step Inside Love”, was a song that Paul McCartney wrote specifically for Cilla. On the program, Ringo shows himself to be an all-round entertainer, not just a rock drummer. He sings, acts in comedy routines, and even does a bit of tap-dancing.


1989. Legendary Jamaican producer and master-mixer, King Tubby (real name Osbourne Ruddock), is shot dead outside his home in Duaney Park, Kingston. Tubby had been working late at his Drumlie Avenue studio in the Kingston 11 ghetto. Getting out of his car he was approached by an armed man who demanded his legally owned pistol, gold chain and wallet before shooting him in the chest.


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